Non-Technical Things Everyone Should Know About NFPA 25

Conversational Webinar Here is a conversation between Inspect Point co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, and host of The Fire Protection Podcast, Drew Slocum and Jason Webb, Director of Industry Affairs for Potter Electrical Signal Company, LLC. You can learn at...

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Fire Protection Podcast: Episode 40

What I did learn very early on was I learned how to read codes and standards, right? Mm-hmm. , I learned how to get into the appropriate codes, the right additions, the correct references to the right standards, and just learning, you know, how to manipulate that information. You’ll never walk away from a two-week class knowing all the sprinkler obstructions to reach the hazard. You see, it’s just not going to happen. Sure. But knowing where, how to find it, and what section you need to be in. Those are the aha moments I see with the students in the class.

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AFSA Sacramento Valley 10th Anniversary Trade Show

Inspect Point Table at the AFSA Sacramento Valley 10th Anniversary Trade Show Jeff Pirro is back from Sacramento and had good things to say about the AFSA Sacramento Valley 10th Anniversary Trade Show! Inspect Point sponsored a breakfast, which was very popular and...

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