In the world of fire protection, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. We’re excited to announce a NEW feature that makes it easier than ever to identify and invoice for billable work AND propose additional work for the future.

Optimizing Your Invoice Workflow with Inspection Materials & Services

Time is money, so it’s critical to ensure technicians accurately document all billable work at each visit. 

With this new product update,  generating comprehensive, accurate inspection invoices is quicker than ever. 

Your team can populate a “Materials & Services” list that technicians can select from when completing an inspection. This list can even be imported or synced from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

Whether this includes equipment such as extinguishers, exit signs, repair/replacement parts, or other fees like no-show or truck charges, technicians can add relevant items directly to an inspection. Then, the back office can generate an invoice with these items in just one click!


Quick Quoting From the Field

Showing completed vs. proposed work is also easy and intuitive. 

Technicians can simply indicate if an item was completed during an inspection or is being proposed for the future – in which case it will appear on a proposal associated with the inspection. 

With Inspect Point’s dynamic configuration options, you have the power to determine if you’d like techs to build out full proposals or simply select items for a proposal, which will be finalized later by office staff. 

Sales tools like the ability to collect deposits or a payment method on file, link deficiencies, include photos, and automatically calculate profit margin further boost your business.

Experience the Efficiency of Inspect Point’s Workflow

If you’re a current customer interested in learning more about how to use inspection materials & services or our proposal features, contact your CSM to schedule a consultation. You can find their information in the upper-right corner of your web-based Inspect Point instance.

Not a customer yet, but want to see how it works? Request a demo here to learn more!