Special Hazard

Grow revenue and boost efficiency with special hazard software.

What is special hazard software?

Special hazard software is a tool used by companies to manage the inspection and service workflow of high-risk and complex systems, such as clean agent suppression, foam suppression, and more.

Streamline your entire workflow

Manage all aspects of your special hazards workflow from one single platform. An intuitive mobile app and a powerful web-based platform seamlessly connect the different teams in your organization so you can tackle any effort from inspection to collection.


Better protect your revenue and your customers’ properties

Inspect Point makes managing recurring inspection appointments, deficiency resolution, and historical system data easy. You and your customers are set up for success with automated appointment reminders, detailed inspection and service work reports, and proposals.

Built-in special hazard-specific codes & reporting

No matter the special hazard system, Inspect Point has you covered. Easily tackle inspections and maintenance of dry chemical, clean agent, commercial kitchen, foam, and CO2 suppression systems with preloaded codes like NFPA 17/17A, NFPA 2001, and NFPA 12.


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Special Hazard FAQs

What types of special hazard systems does Inspect Point support?

Inspect Point supports a wide range of special hazard systems, including dry chemical, clean agent, commercial kitchen, foam, and CO2 suppression systems. Our software is designed to handle inspections and maintenance for these systems, ensuring compliance with specific codes and standards.

Does Inspect Point provide built-in code compliance for special hazards?

Absolutely! Inspect Point comes preloaded with industry-specific codes and standards, such as NFPA 17/17A, NFPA 2001, and NFPA 12, ensuring that you can easily conduct inspections and maintenance in accordance with these regulations. Our software helps you stay compliant and mitigate risk.

Can Inspect Point help with managing service work for special hazard systems?

Yes, Inspect Point is designed to handle all aspects of your special hazard service work. From creating detailed work orders to tracking the status of service requests and managing customer communications, our software streamlines your service operations and ensures efficient and timely resolution of deficiencies.

Does Inspect Point offer reporting capabilities for special hazards?

Yes! Inspect Point provides robust reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate comprehensive reports on inspections, maintenance activities, deficiency resolution, and more. These reports can be easily shared with customers, insurance providers, or regulatory authorities via email or, for customers, an online portal. This portal houses all historical inspection and service reports, proposals, and invoices.

Is Inspect Point compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, the Inspect Point app is available for iOS devices. Techs can easily clock in/clock out, view their day’s work, perform inspections, record notes, and even take payment from the field.

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