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What is life safety software?

Life safety software is a tool that assists businesses in monitoring and maintaining their fire and life safety systems. It enables them to conduct inspections, track deficiencies, generate reports, and manage work orders efficiently, ensuring their facilities comply with all applicable codes and regulations, such as NFPA 101.

Comprehensive life safety solution

Protect life and property with our comprehensive life safety software. Inspect Point empowers you to streamline inspections, track compliance, and ensure the highest standards of safety for your customers. Stay ahead of safety issues and create a safer environment for everyone.


Efficient workflow management

Optimize your workflow and save time with our intuitive life safety software. From scheduling recurring inspections to generating detailed reports, our platform simplifies the entire process. Automate repetitive tasks, track progress, and collaborate across teams, ensuring you operate efficiently and effectively.


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Fire Extinguisher FAQs

What is life safety software and how can it benefit my business?

We offer NFPA 101 – Life safety code built right into the technician-facing mobile application so your team can provide NFPA-compliant reports with flexible configuration.

Your team can easily import fire exit signs & emergency lights device information into your instance to speed up the build-out. Once configured, Inspect Point will also provide battery reports and recommendations based on customizable attributes.

How can life safety software benefit my organization?

Life safety software offers numerous benefits, including efficient scheduling and tracking of inspections, report generation, centralized compliance management, and improved communication between departments. It helps ensure regulatory compliance with codes like NFPA 101, minimize risks, and enhance overall safety performance.

Is training provided for your life safety software?

Yes. Our onboarding specialists will get your team trained and help set up your system. During and after onboarding, your team can access our dedicated support team and extensive product documentation and guides.

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