Fire Alarm & Security

Grow revenue and boost efficiency with fire alarm & security software.

What is fire alarm & security software?

Fire alarm and security software is a specialized tool used by fire protection inspectors to manage their entire workflow. It helps them schedule inspections, generate reports, track deficiencies and bill for all of their work.

Simplify your inspection workflow

Our fire alarm & security software streamlines your entire workflow by automating scheduling, generating detailed reports, and tracking deficiencies. Spend less time on paperwork and more time growing your business.


Ensure compliance with ease

With our extensive library of national and local codes, helping your customers stay compliant is a breeze. If deficiencies are discovered, you can easily create a proposal, work order, and invoice to ensure compliance.

Improve customer satisfaction

Providing outstanding service to your customers is essential for building a successful fire protection business. Our fire alarm & security software helps you deliver top-notch service by providing real-time access to inspection reports, deficiency details, and other critical information. Gain a competitive edge and build lasting relationships with your customers.



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“I like the fact that I can email everything from the program. I don’t have to scan, download, or print anything. It’s so nice just to be able to click and send a report. Then I can create an invoice, send it, and take a payment all within Inspect Point.

Kari Walter, Office Manager

Fire Alarm & Security FAQ

Does Inspect Point offer features specific to fire alarm companies?

In addition to the standard workflow, Inspect Point does offer certain features that are especially useful to fire alarm & security companies like:

  • Quick & Bulk Inspect helps you knock out device inspections that would typically last hours. Download the guide here for more details.
  • We offer the largest collection of digitized NFPA & ULC codes in the market, including NFPA 72, ULC 268, ULC 536, ULC 537, and ULC 561.
How does fire alarm & security software help with inspection scheduling and tracking?

Fire alarm & security software enables companies to schedule and track fire alarm inspections & service work efficiently. It provides a single platform to manage appointments, assign work orders to team members based on skill or role, track inspection progress, and maintain an organized record of completed inspections.

Does fire alarm software assist in managing compliance and regulations?

Absolutely. Fire alarm software is designed to assist inspection companies in meeting compliance requirements and adhering to fire safety regulations. It provides features such as automatic reminders for recurring inspections, an extensive code library included in the platform, and storage of historical data, ensuring that companies stay compliant and up-to-date with regulatory standards.

Is fire alarm & security software user-friendly and easy to learn?

Inspect Point is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our team of experts will assist you and your team with the buildout of your data, training on all aspects of the Inspect Point workflow, and ongoing support to help tackle any new challenges that may arise.

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