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Grow revenue and boost efficiency with fire extinguisher software.

What is fire extinguisher software?

Extinguisher software streamlines your entire inspection and service workflow, boosting efficiency in the office and the field. It also ensures all extinguishers are up to code and compliant with relevant regulations. With extinguisher inspection software, companies can efficiently manage their workflow, reduce the risk of errors, and improve their overall service quality.

Streamline fire extinguisher inspections and maintenance

Our fire extinguisher software is purpose-built to streamline your fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance processes. With intuitive scheduling features, automated reminders, and comprehensive reporting, your team can ensure that you never leave money on the table and that your customers’ properties are safe.


Maximize office outputs

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and time-consuming data entry. Our fire extinguisher software optimizes both the office and field workflow. Features such as automated scheduling, a dynamic scheduler map, and intuitive inspection and service management tools boost efficiency in the office.

Increase efficiency in the field with extinguisher-specific features

Extinguisher-specific features in Inspect Point’s mobile app, including free, optional barcode scanning,  swap/loaner tools,  the ability to clone extinguishers, and quickly track services completed on each extinguisher help techs knock out tasks even faster. Plus, with Inspect Point’s partnership with Amerex, all their products and pricing are pre-loaded for quick & easy service replacement. Amerex’s signature extinguisher QR code pulls in attribute data to make inspection and service faster than ever.

Gain valuable insights with analytic reports

Inspect Point offers multiple analytic reports designed specifically for fire extinguisher companies, from a projection report that provides insights on upcoming inspections and service requirements to an overview report that details extinguisher counts at each building and more. With easy and quick visibility into asset data, your team has the information they need to make key business decisions.

Fire Extinguisher Codes

Inspect Point customers benefit from immediate access to pre-loaded inspection questions for NFPA 10. Reports can be customized if desired, and the relevant NFPA code can be displayed. Reports are NFPA-compliant with flexible configuration.


Portable Fire Extinguishers


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Fire Extinguisher FAQs

What is fire extinguisher software, and how can it benefit my business?

Fire extinguisher software is a specialized tool designed to streamline fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance processes. It offers features such as scheduling, reporting, and compliance tracking. Inspect Point also provides features unique to Fire Inspection companies like Quick & Bulk Inspect, our Swap & Loaner feature, and others.

How does fire extinguisher software help in managing inspection schedules?

Fire extinguisher software provides an organized platform for managing inspection schedules. It allows you to create and assign inspection tasks, set reminders, and track their completion. Even better, with automated recurring inspections, you can make sure you never miss an appointment – leaving money on the table and your customers at risk.

Can fire extinguisher software assist in tracking compliance and generating reports?

Absolutely. Fire extinguisher software generates comprehensive reports around NFPA, ULC, and other local jurisdiction codes. These inspection reports and other items like service work orders, invoices, and deficiency resolution notes are stored in the cloud. Easily demonstrate compliance and refer back to historical data whenever the need arises.

Does your fire extinguisher software offer barcode scanning?

Yes, free, unlimited barcode scanning is optional with Inspect Point.

Can fire extinguisher software help with maintenance and recharging reminders?

Fire extinguisher software allows you to set maintenance and recharging schedules for specific buildings, customers, and devices. It sends automated reminders when maintenance is due, ensuring all fire extinguishers are properly maintained, charged, and ready for use.

Is fire extinguisher software user-friendly and easy to implement?

Yes, we’ve helped thousands of fire extinguisher technicians get started with Inspect Point. Our team will work with you to get up and running with a solution tailored to your workflow and needs.

What's included with Inspect Point's swap and loaner features?

Inspect Point’s swap and loaner features allow technicians to quickly swap out an existing, deficient extinguisher and swap in a replacement extinguisher. Additional tools, such as a pre-loaded swap list and barcode and QR scanning, make it quick and easy to document the replacement extinguisher. The loaner feature allows office and field staff to easily identify, track, and manage loaner extinguishers.

Can technicians track completed services for each extinguisher?

Yes! Inspect Point’s intuitive mobile app makes it easy for technicians to identify what was completed on-site. They can select from a pre-loaded Price Book, automatically filtered for extinguisher-related materials and service items with visibility into your most frequently used items.

How does invoicing work in Inspect Point?

With Inspect Point’s inspection-to-collection workflow, invoicing has never been easier. Configurable settings ensure the technician or back office can identify completed work or any other billable items relevant to an inspection or service job. Then, with a click of a button, you can automatically generate an invoice pre-populated with relevant items. This can be sent to the customer through Inspect Point or published to the Customer Portal.

Can I collect payment for extinguisher inspections in Inspect Point?

Yes! Our digital invoicing and payment tools empower you to collect ACH and credit card payments on invoices. If desired, technicians can also view and share invoices with customers.

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