Optimizing Fire Extinguisher Service

The fire extinguisher service / inspection process has been the same way for years.  How do you improve on an industry that has been entrenched in the same methods?

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Drew Slocum, recently visited Pierce Fire Protection to get their take on some new ideas.  Casey Smith, Pierce’s fire suppression manager, has over 26 years of experience in extinguishers and suppression.  He was a wealth of knowledge on how the industry has evolved over the years and some points to improve it.

Amerex’s QR codes do wonders for the fire extinguisher service process.  9 points of data can be extracted from this one innovation using Inspect Point.  Inspection and documentation time goes from minutes to seconds with this feature.  Check out Casey’s explanation in the field in the video above.

Fire Extinguisher Swap / Exchange 

Inspect Point also released a new Swap / Exchange module that allows technicians to quickly flip out a deficient extinguisher for a newer one.  On top of this, the Loaner flag allows technicians and the back office to easily manage their loaned extinguishers left onsite. Check it out in the other video above.