Accelerate Growth

Inspect Point equips your team with the tools you need to improve revenue and profitability.

Challenges In Accelerating Growth

Missed Revenue

Missed inspections, unresolved deficiencies, and unaccepted proposals all equal money left on the table. With Inspect Point, operators can use automation to help with scheduling & reminders, while dashboards help you stay organized across your entire workflow from open deficiencies, proposals, and invoices.

Performance Visibility

Whether you’re looking to improve your current operation or want to scale up your team, Inspect Point has the tools to help you optimize your workflows. Leverage our reports and dashboards to track metrics like inspection performance by tech, time to acceptance on proposals, and more ways to get detailed insights on performance.

Connecting Teams

A smooth handoff from dispatchers to an inspection department, all the way through to sales and service teams, is what sets good organizations apart from the great. Get your team connected with one platform so everyone is on the same page.

Create customer advocates

Growth is all about finding and protecting customers who love doing business with you year after year. Your team works hard to provide a quality service that keeps your customers safe. An integrated platform helps you take that relationship to the next level with tools like:

    • An inspection series manager means you never miss a required inspection and helps you ensure compliance
    • A customizable customer portal that houses all inspection reports, proposals, work orders, and invoices related to an account or building
    • Historical report management makes it easy to review past reports sorted by Account, Building, or System so you can answer any question that may arise
    • Detailed notes by Account, Building, and System make it easy to engage with your customers (for example – the location of an alarm panel, after-hours access code, etc.)

Enhanced Efficiency = Improved Profitability

A fire protection platform is more than convenience and automation. It directly impacts your bottom line by helping your team get more done in less time at a better quality.

    • With one integrated platform, you can move a job through your team from inspection to collection without jumping around between apps
    • The smart scheduling tool automatically schedule recurring inspections
    • Digital inspections are easily completed, approved, and delivered
    • Intuitive dashboards mean that your team spends less time searching for answers and more time making decisions

Capture more revenue with sales support tools

Inspect Point’s sales tools help your team improve topline results as well.

    • Create professionally branded proposals, remind customers of any open proposals, and visualize statuses
    • Seamlessly convert deficiencies into proposals and work orders so to accurately quote and track all open service revenue opportunities accurately
    • Inspection revenue forecasting helps you visualize revenue by building over the year so you can effectively allocate resources
    • Proposal dashboards show statuses and help you review key metrics like total invoices paid, average invoice size, invoices with pending payment, and more

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