Maximize Safety

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Challenges In Maximizing Safety

Accurate Inspections

Getting the correct inspection report for each job can become a complex task, but it is also key for maintaining the appropriate level of safety for your customers. With Inspect Point’s smart scheduler and built-in forms, you can be sure that your technicians are always completing compliant reports.

Deficiency Management

Deficiencies represent a safety risk, a revenue opportunity, and a logistical hurdle. A platform like Inspect Point can help simplify the complexity of managing deficiency resolution with dashboards that help you track and organize work by status and severity.

Historical Tracking

Each customer, building, and system has unique needs and a unique history that can make inspections and service challenging. With Inspect Point, you can track the history of every inspection, proposal, work order, and general notes so your team is able to get up to speed quickly on each job.

Digital inspection templates make it easy to create accurate, detailed reports

Inspect Point features the largest library of NFPA and ULC codes in the industry, so your team can spend less time worrying about filling out a form and more time focused on the job. Inspection reports feature an intuitive step-by-step process to follow during an inspection; quickly log notes and deficiencies by system and building while capturing photos. The end product is a detailed inspection report stored in the cloud, which makes it a breeze to walk through with your point of contact.


Full Deficiency Lifecycle Management

A deficiency represents a risk to lives and property. Not only does Inspect Point make it easier to discover and document deficiencies, but you can also efficiently monitor their lifecycle via an intuitive dashboard with fields like:

  • Deficiency Status (Ex – Critical vs. Non-critical)
  • Resolution Status (Ex – New, Quote Accepted, or Fixed)
  • Internal Notes – Notes only visible to your team and not the client

With an integrated platform, you can coordinate efforts from different departments and ensure a deficiency never gets lost in the shuffle. A deficiency can be converted from an inspection report into a proposal, quote, and invoice, shared with each relevant team member. Get proactive with deficiencies to help your customers stay safe.

Complete system, building, and customer visibility

You may be working with a customer with hundreds of systems at a single building or hundreds of customers with a few basic systems. Either way, gaining insights into historical information at the system, building, and customer level can pay dividends.

  • AHJ wants to check on the status of a deficiency? Quickly send them over the report from your library saved in the cloud.
  • New building manager or owner wants to look at the current status of their fire protection system? Give them access to their unique customer portal, where they can review everything from past inspection reports to open proposals.
  • Customer complains about needing to fix a deficiency that you’ve previously discussed? Easily access the previous reports where you’ve detailed declining device health or past conversations and quotes.

With Inspect Point, historical information is at your fingertips, so you can keep your operation running smoothly.


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