Boost collections, optimize your office workflow, and improve your customer experience with integrated payments.


Boost collections and cash flow

Digital payments help collections run smoother – no more waiting around for checks in the mail or to be dropped off by techs, no more trips to the bank or dealing with lost or damaged checks. With Inspect Point Payments, customers can make credit card, debit card, or ACH payments with the click of a button. Features like saved payment methods, invoice reminders, and back-office charging make it easier than ever to efficiently collect on time.

Improve your customer experience

Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, with Inspect Point, it’s a breeze to get an estimate or invoice out to the customer. Email it directly, or deliver through the Customer Portal – a unique online webpage for each customer that houses all their documents. Customers can easily find what they need and make a deposit or pay an invoice without having to call in or mail a check.


Experience the ease of an integrated workflow

Say goodbye to the struggle of app-hopping and the stress of trying to figure out the status of an inspection or service job. Inspect Point’s software suite empowers fire protection companies to efficiently complete their entire workflow from one platform. Make collections a breeze and effortlessly sync payments with your accounting software.


Interested in integrated payments?

“The invoice payment option has assisted our office tremendously. We are seeing customers pay more quickly, which is helping to reduce our collections effort.”

Amanda Smith

Payments FAQ

What are integrated payments?

Integrated payments allow fire protection companies to process credit card, debit card, or ACH payments within Inspect Point. External processors like Paypal, Square, or Stripe require an additional application along with the manual payment entry into Inspect Point. With an integrated solution, a payment can be made directly in the Inspect Point application and is instantly tied to a job or customer record. In addition, with an accounting integration, invoices and payments can sync to your account software, making reconciliation a breeze.

How do I take payments with integrated payments?

Inspect Point’s payment solution is flexible and adaptable to your workflow. You can choose to take a payment on an invoice that is tied to an inspection or a service job. Or, you can use our “Pay Now” feature to take a non-invoice payment tied to the customer record. Invoices can be generated from the back-office or the field and emailed to the customer or shared via the Customer Portal. In addition, customers can save their card or bank account information on file, making it quick and easy to pay multiple invoices at once! Our back-office charging functionality also allows employees to quickly and securely process payments over the phone.

Are Inspect Point’s integrated payments PCI-compliant?

Yes! Inspect Point’s payment platform is secure, PCI-compliant, and protects your customers’ sensitive information.

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