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Inspect Point is more than just inspections. Document, quote, and repair deficiencies or perform emergency service work in our all-in-one platform.


Streamline your service workflow

With Inspect Point’s built-in service workflow, you can seamlessly connect your inspection and service work without having to juggle multiple apps. Additional features empower sales and service teams with insights into open deficiencies and work order statuses to help boost revenue and improve efficiency.

Robust scheduling & dispatch tools

Get a high-level view into your team’s capacity, or drill down into an individual technician’s schedule to maximize utilization. Inspect Point’s dynamic schedule and dispatch tools are flexible based on your specific workflow and allow for on-the-fly updates so you can optimize scheduling regardless of what the day brings.


Intuitive time & materials tracking

Inspect Point’s service features were designed for the fire protection industry. Our intuitive, easy-to-use time-tracking solution allows technicians to clock in and out and track billable and non-billable time. In addition, our pricebook helps you to quickly build out proposals and invoices as well as monitor and document materials needed and used. 

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Top-notch customer experience

Today’s business owners and building managers expect a seamless experience, and Inspect Point helps you satisfy that demand. Make doing business with you a breeze with tools like:

  • The Customer Portal organizes a customer’s proposals, service reports, invoices, and upcoming jobs in one place
  • Automated visit reminders that decrease no-shows
  • A contact form that streamlines service requests


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Work Order FAQ

How can I create a work order in the Inspect Point platform?

Our service solution was specifically designed to meet the needs of fire protection companies. You can create a proposal to repair issues after completing an inspection and identifying deficiencies. Then convert the proposal to a work order, or you can create a work order directly.

In addition, you can also allow technicians to create work orders in the field.

Once dispatched, work orders appear on technicians’ mobile devices with customer, building, and job information, as well as tools that empower them to work efficiently by documenting time and materials while providing excellent customer service. 

Can I create and dispatch emergency work orders in Inspect Point?

Yes! On the back end, you can create an emergency work order, view technician availability and locations, and then assign and dispatch the work order to the technician. It will then appear on the technicians’ mobile devices.

What service features are available for technicians’ mobile devices?

Inspect Point offers a full suite of service features to run the field side of your bussiness. This includes a calendar, scheduler, dispatch tools, technician team/crew management, deficiency quoting and management, time tracking, materials/pricebook, estimates and invoices, and more!

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