Going Paperless

Maximize efficiency, connectivity, and revenue-producing opportunities with a modern digital platform.

Challenges In Going Paperless

Inefficient Inspections

Inspection techs already face a complex workday, with different systems across different locations and unique customer needs. Pen & paper forms or outdated spreadsheets only distract them more from doing what they do best. Give your team a digital platform that makes creating compliant reports, attaching pictures, and logging notes a breeze.

Maintaining Historical Records

While they’re a great place to show off your magnets, filing cabinets filled with paper forms make storing past reports and tracking down necessary information challenging. With Inspect Point, you and your customers can quickly review past inspection reports, proposals, work orders, and invoices from anywhere with internet access.

Manual Approval & Delivery

With a paperless solution, a tech can run through the predetermined question set, log notes, take and attach pictures, a signature, and send everything back to the office right from the job site. An inspection or office manager can easily review the work and send it to the customer via email or post to their customer portal with the click of a button.

Analyzing Data

Unless you manually transcribe inspection, deficiency, and proposal data, uncovering trends from across your org can be almost impossible. With Inspect Point, you can easily review aggregated data to find insights and trends that help you continue to maximize efficiency and revenue.

Always up-to-date with the largest integrated code base around

Juggling the correct inspection reports by system, timeframe (monthly, quarterly, etc.), code year, and AHJ can be a nightmare with manual processes or outdated software. Inspect Point’s software boasts a comprehensive library of built-in and up-to-date codes, ensuring that your inspections always align with the latest guidelines and get assigned to the correct jobs automatically. Ditch the manually maintained printed or PDF forms for a digital solution that lets you focus on growing your business while keeping customers safe.


Leverage a digital solution to build an efficient workflow

With a digital fire protection tool, you not only get individual features that enhance your team’s productivity, but you also get a platform that connects each team member and department to create a smooth, efficient workflow. 

    • Our smart scheduler ensures no revenue-driving inspection or service work is missed.
    • Digital inspections are easy to complete in the field, and any deficiencies identified can be converted into a proposal for repair or replacement.
    • Customers are automatically notified of open proposals, and once accepted, a work order with all relevant information from the inspection and proposal is created.
    • After a job well done, invoices can be emailed or posted to the customer’s portal, and payments can be made online.

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