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What is fire door and damper software?

Fire door and damper software is a specialized tool used by fire protection companies to manage the inspection, maintenance, and compliance of fire doors and dampers. This software allows inspectors to schedule inspections, generate reports, track deficiencies, and ensure proper functioning of fire doors and dampers in buildings.

Ensure compliance for fire doors and dampers

Our fire door & damper software provides comprehensive management and maintenance capabilities for fire safety compliance to codes like NFPA 80. Easily schedule inspections, track maintenance tasks, and generate detailed reports to ensure your customers’ fire doors and dampers are in optimal condition, keeping them protected and compliant.


Streamline the inspection and maintenance process

Simplify your fire door and damper inspection and service work with Inspect Point. Effortlessly schedule and assign inspections, receive real-time updates on inspection status, and track maintenance activities. Spend more time making sure your customers are protected and less time on paperwork.

Get proactive with fire protection

With Inspect Point you can stay ahead of issues with features like automated scheduling of recurring inspections, deficiency and resolution statuses, and automated proposal reminders. The ability to take detailed photos and our customer-facing portals mean it’s easy to review current and historical inspection statuses and proposals for deficiency resolution.


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Fire Door & Damper FAQs

How can fire door & damper software help streamline the inspection and maintenance process?

Fire door & damper software simplifies and streamlines the inspection and maintenance process. It provides features such as scheduling tools, automated reminders, comprehensive reporting, and deficiency tracking. With this software, you can efficiently manage inspections, track maintenance tasks, and ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

What fire door & damper-specific features does Inspect Point have?
  • Detailed deficiency management with the ability to take and add photos to an inspection report and proposal makes it easy to keep your customers informed and safe.
  • The ability to quickly add doors and dampers as items saves you valuable back-office time in getting the platform configured exactly how you want it.
  • Flexible and configurable NFPA-compliant reports (NFPA 80) help you customize your instance while keeping your customers protected.

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