Streamline Operations

Our platform helps connect your team and unlock efficiency in the field and the back office.

Challenges In Streamlining Operations

Tracking From Inspection to Collection

Inspect Point powers your entire team from inspection to collection and everywhere in between. A job can seamlessly flow from a deficiency identified on an inspection to a quote, work order, and paid invoice – connecting team members along the way.

Leveraging Automation

Our integrated platform not only helps connect your teams, but it can also automate tasks like:

  • Scheduling recurring inspections at the correct, required interval with our smart scheduler.
  • Sending out reminders for open proposals – boosting visibility and your acceptance rate
  • Delivering inspection reports, proposals, and invoices via email or posting to a customer portal.

Staying Updated on Codes

Inspect Point features the industry’s largest library of built-in NFPA, ULC, and local jurisdiction codes. With these templates, you can ensure that your team is always working with the appropriate inspection to create compliant reports and safe buildings.

One Integrated Platform

Having each of your team members on a single platform means that everyone is on the same page when it comes to a customer, building, or job. No more jumping around to multiple apps for a job, manually maintaining or building forms for compliant inspections, and checking (or triple-checking) to make sure something didn’t get lost in the handoff from one team to another. With an integrated platform, your team can take a strategic approach to managing your customers’ fire protection needs.

Just looking to leverage inspections only? We’ve got you covered there too. Inspect Point can adapt to support your unique workflow and power your team with industry-leading digital inspections.


Seamlessly Connect Inspection & Service

An inspection doesn’t just end with finalizing the report. With Inspect Point, you can monitor the life of a deficiency all the way through to resolution in one centralized platform. 

    • A deficiency identified on an inspection can easily be converted into a proposal.
    • With tools like proposal reminders and dashboards for visualizing the most critical open deficiencies, you and your customers will never miss a repair.
    • After a proposal is accepted, it can be converted into a work order. The service tech can also see all of the systems associated with the building and the historical work performed so they can enter the job prepared.
    • After completing the job, your back office can deliver the invoice and even collect a secure payment online.

With Inspect Point’s intuitive dashboards, your management team can also monitor jobs across their team to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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