These time-saving features from Inspect Point give you the tools to efficiently complete fire inspections. Pass or fail devices from one dashboard, answer entire alarm device sections, and win more proposals. Schedule a demo today to get started.


Save Time in the Field

Technicians can complete inspections with hundreds of alarm devices in a single visit.

Easily Manage Inspections

Bulk answer alarm devices from an easy-to-use dashboard without clicking multiple menus.

Win More Contracts

Complete inspections faster and win contracts with fire inspection software from Inspect Point.


Technicians using Quick Inspect get more done. No matter the size of an inspection, this fire inspection software gives you a more efficient way to pass and fail alarm devices. Instead of scanning individual alarm devices or opening multiple screens, inspections can be completed from one user-friendly dashboard.

Quick Inspect within the Inspect Point app.


With Bulk Inspect, you can complete inspections for over 100 alarm devices in under a minute by bulk inspecting entire sections of strobe lights or alarm devices at once. Technicians can also mark entire sections as “No Access” and edit individual items after bulk inspecting a section.

Bulk Inspect shown in the Inspect Point app.

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