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What is fire extinguisher software?

Extinguisher software helps streamline the entire process, from scheduling inspections to tracking deficiencies and generating reports. It also ensures all extinguishers are up to code and compliant with relevant regulations. With extinguisher inspection software, companies can efficiently manage their workflow, reduce the risk of errors, and improve their overall service quality.

Streamline fire extinguisher inspections and maintenance

Our fire extinguisher software is purpose-built to streamline your fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance processes. With intuitive scheduling features, automated reminders, and comprehensive reporting, your team can ensure that you never leave money on the table and that your customers’ properties are safe.


Improve efficiency and productivity

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and time-consuming data entry. Our fire extinguisher software optimizes your workflow, allowing you to complete inspections faster, track deficiencies, create proposals and work orders, and even take payment. Plus, with fire extinguisher-specific features like free, optional barcode scanning and loaner/swap tracking, you can knock out tasks in the field even faster.

Enhance compliance and safety standards

With embedded NFPA & ULC code-based forms, you can ensure compliance for your customers. Inspect Point’s deficiency management program also makes it easy to detail, quote, and perform service work as needed.


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Fire Extinguisher FAQs

What is fire extinguisher software and how can it benefit my business?

Fire extinguisher software is a specialized tool designed to streamline fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance processes. It offers features such as scheduling, reporting, and compliance tracking. Inspect Point also provides features unique to Fire Inspection companies like Quick & Bulk Inspect, our Swap & Loaner feature, and others.

How does fire extinguisher software help in managing inspection schedules?

Fire extinguisher software provides an organized platform for managing inspection schedules. It allows you to create and assign inspection tasks, set reminders, and track their completion. Even better, with automated recurring inspections, you can make sure you never miss an appointment – leaving money on the table and your customers at risk.

Can fire extinguisher software assist in tracking compliance and generating reports?

Absolutely. Fire extinguisher software generates comprehensive reports around NFPA, ULC, and other local jurisdiction codes. These inspection reports and other items like service work orders, invoices, and deficiency resolution notes are stored in the cloud. Easily demonstrate compliance and refer back to historical data whenever the need arises.

Does your fire extinguisher software offer barcode scanning?

Yes, free, unlimited barcode scanning is optional with Inspect Point.

Can fire extinguisher software help with maintenance and recharging reminders?

Fire extinguisher software allows you to set maintenance and recharging schedules for specific buildings, customers, and devices. It sends automated reminders when maintenance is due, ensuring all fire extinguishers are properly maintained, charged, and ready for use.

Is fire extinguisher software user-friendly and easy to implement?

Yes, we’ve helped thousands of fire extinguisher technicians get started with Inspect Point. Our team will work with you to get up and running with a solution tailored to your workflow and needs.

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