The State of Pre-Engineered Systems with Jamie Knowles

Jamie Knowles (Amerex Corporation) and Drew sit down to chat two years after the State of the Restaurant Industry podcast in the prime time of the pandemic to discuss where the Pre-Engineered market is going. Labor shortages and cost reductions have forced restaurants and building owners to pivot with new ideas and technology. A few new markets have emerged for a variety of industrial systems, however, opening up opportunities for distributors. More prominent owners and operators also are designing restaurant equipment to avoid traditional suppression systems. How will the market adapt to this, and AHJs ensure compliance?


Episode Notes:

0:15 –   Introduction
2:10 –   Remember the Pandemic?
3:09 –  The Pre-Engineered Systems Niche 
6:04  –  Why a Dry Chemical System?
7:20  –  NFPA420 – Extraction Booths
13:03 – The Restaurant Industry is Evolving
14:05 – Ventless Solutions & Fireballs
16:14 – More Electric Appliances in Restaurants
23:42 – More Rigorous Standards, Testing, Reporting, and Repairing 
28:18  – Labor Shortage
32:06 – Recession, but Everybody Has to Eat
33:50 – International Changes in Restaurant Fire Protection
41:30 – Electrical Detection
46:46 – The Jetsons is now
50:11 –  The Barista Bot
51:47 –  Please Reach out to Jamie with What You See
53:34  – Welding for Five Year Olds
54:20  – Wrap-Up
57:10   – Outro