Unlocking Efficiency: Navigating Inspect Point’s Proposal Capabilities 


Are you ready to save time in the office AND the field with intuitive tools that make it easy to optimize technician schedules?

As we navigate the intricate details, you’ll discover how Inspect Point seamlessly links proposals to accounts or buildings, empowers branding with logos, and allows for individual markups or markdowns. 

Embark on this insightful adventure to understand how Inspect Point is reshaping the landscape of fire inspection and protection, setting new standards for efficiency and productivity.


Can proposals be tied to accounts and buildings? 


All proposals are linked to either an account or building in Inspect Point. This makes it easy to track what has been quoted for a specific customer and if the work has been approved.


Are proposals branded? 


Yes, proposals can be branded with your logo and business information. In addition, Inspect Point can support multiple logos or headers for companies with DBA needs.


Can I mark up and down line items on my proposals? 


Yes! Items can be marked up or marked down individually per proposal. Additional features allow you to increase prices or offer discounts at scale.

Can proposals be assigned to sales team members? 

Yes! Proposals can be assigned to individual members of your sales team. In addition, users can access a detailed status timeline showing if the customer has received, viewed, or accepted the proposal. Sales users can also leverage Inspect Point’s proposal reminder feature, which saves time by automating email follow-up on pending proposals.


How do Proposal Templates Work? 


Proposal templates allow users to build out and re-use content for sections like a summary, scope of work, exclusions, and terms & conditions. In addition, line items can be added to proposal templates to streamline the quoting process.


What reporting and analytics are available for proposals? 


Inspect Point offers robust quoting reporting and analytics, including dashboards with data on average acceptance time, proposal count, and dollar amount by status, total approved, and more. In addition, individual sales users can access dashboards and data specific to their accounts.


The power of Inspect Point in transforming fire protection workflows and revolutionizing inspections cannot be overstated. Exploring its proposal capabilities has unraveled the answers to the six most common questions, providing a comprehensive understanding of its features. 

From the seamless linkage of proposals to accounts or buildings for efficient tracking to the ability to brand proposals with logos and support multiple headers, Inspect Point ensures a professional and customizable presentation. 

The flexibility to mark up or mark down line items, assign proposals to sales team members, and leverage proposal templates highlight the platform’s adaptability and time-saving attributes. 

The robust reporting and analytics features further empower users, making Inspect Point a game-changer in enhancing workflow and efficiency within fire inspection and protection. 

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