Optimize Deficiencies Reporting and  Maximizing Safety and Service Revenue

In the fire inspection industry, effectively managing deficiencies is crucial for ensuring customer safety and maximizing service revenue. With Inspect Point’s comprehensive deficiency management system, fire inspection companies can effortlessly capture, organize, and monitor deficiency details throughout their life cycle.

Let’s jump into how Inspect Point’s intuitive capabilities connect your inspection and service departments, enabling you to provide top-notch services while boosting your bottom line.

Efficient Documentation and Reporting: 

Inspect Point’s mobile application simplifies documenting deficiencies, writing notes, and capturing photos for technicians. Gone are the days of deciphering hard-to-read handwriting or manually adding details to reports.

The app automatically includes all deficiency information and relevant photos in reports, ensuring clarity and accuracy. Technicians can assign a status to each deficiency so critical work never gets lost.


Maximize Service Revenue with Compelling Quotes: 

Easily create proposals based on deficiency information logged in an inspection report or create them from scratch. Proposals come customized with your company’s branding and include detailed photos, increasing the probability of faster approvals.

With automated tasks such as creating and sending proposals, your back office gains valuable time while boosting service revenue and cash flow. Inspect Point enables you to present persuasive quotes that resonate with your customers, ultimately driving business growth.


Monitor Deficiency Life Cycle:

Inspect Point’s end-to-end deficiency management ensures no deficiencies are lost or forgotten within your organization. Easily generate work orders from accepted proposals that include deficiency details, linking them back to the original inspection. This streamlined process saves time creating and dispatching work orders while equipping technicians with essential information at the job site.

With Inspect Point, you can track the life cycle of each deficiency, ensuring prompt resolution and customer satisfaction. Inspect Point enables seamless workflow management and efficient operations, from pre-approved service work to quoting deficiencies.

Seamless Integration & Photo Capture Capabilities: 

Inspect Point automatically creates deficiency when a technician indicates a device or system is deficient. Technicians can add internal or public notes, providing valuable context and insights for the back office and inspection reports. The mobile application lets technicians capture high-resolution photos from their iPads, automatically linking them to the corresponding deficiency, system, building, and inspection.

This seamless integration ensures a comprehensive documentation process and enhances the accuracy of deficiency identification.

Insightful Reports & Dashboards: 

Inspect Point offers detailed inspection reports that list all deficiencies discovered during each visit, providing a clear overview of the inspection findings. These deficiencies also appear on associated work orders, ensuring smooth coordination between field operations and the back office. You can see all deficiencies and their current statuses with the filterable and sortable deficiency database.

The dashboard provides valuable insights into deficiency trends and statistics, empowering you to make informed decisions and continually improve your fire inspection services.


With Inspect Point’s deficiency reporting capabilities, fire inspection companies can streamline operations, enhance fire and life safety, and maximize service revenue. You can efficiently capture and manage deficiencies throughout their life cycle by leveraging the intuitive mobile application, automated deficiency creation, and comprehensive reporting features.

Don’t let deficiencies go unnoticed – choose Inspect Point and take your fire inspection services to new heights of excellence.

For more information about Inspect Point’s deficiency reporting capabilities, visit the Deficiencies Feature page.