6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Fire Protection Software

Running a fire protection company comes with a unique set of challenges. You have to run an efficient business and maximize your profitability, all while ensuring the communities you serve are safe. Managing inspections, scheduling, work orders, and paperwork can be...

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Customer Spotlight : Meet Mack Fire Protection

Mack Fire is a full-service contractor offering system design, fabrication, installation, service, maintenance, testing, and inspection services. Mack covers Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York, with a new expansion into Western New York State and Westchester County.

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Optimizing Fire Extinguisher Service

Optimizing Fire Extinguisher Service The fire extinguisher service / inspection process has been the same way for years.  How do you improve on an industry that has been entrenched in the same methods? Our Chief Strategy Officer, Drew Slocum, recently visited Pierce...

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