The Compliance Engine’s Role in Advancing Fire and Life Safety

In the latest episode of The Fire Protection Podcast, Bryan Schultz, Co-Founder of Brycer and The Compliance Engine (TCE), joins podcast host Drew Slocum to talk about the crucial aspect of compliance software concerning fire protection systems. Bryan and Drew discuss the challenges fire protection companies, fire departments, contractors, and building owners face when ensuring compliance. Brian explains the essential role that their cutting-edge software plays in ensuring the rigorous testing and maintenance of fire protection systems.

This podcast episode encapsulates a forward-thinking perspective on enhancing fire protection systems’ probability of optimally operating. The overarching goal remains clear: to fortify building safety measures through technology, collaboration, and strategic foresight. Join us as we explore compliance software, labor challenges, industry standardization, and the evolving safety landscape in fire protection systems.


  • 00:06: Introduction
  • 01:36: Listener promotion
  • 01:55: Drew and Bryan discuss the ITM summit in Chicago
  • 03:54: How Bryan started Brycer and The Compliance Engine
  • 11:09: How TCE identified and solved an industry problem
  • 17:18: Inspect Point’s The Compliance Engine integration
  • 20:04: The goal of improved compliance processes
  • 22:03: How The Compliance Engine improves processes
  • 24:45: How Brycer and TCE builds their database 
  • 36:30: Getting more out of your existing resources
  • 38:20: The future of fire, labor, and the generational gap 
  • 44:07: Optimizing the compliance process with auto-reminders
  • 50:20: Deficiencies and deficiency management
  •  1:03:37: Conclusion


Full Transcript Coming Soon