Returning guest, Matt Rice, co-founder and CEO of Brycer, the Compliance Engine, and 1st time guest, Andreas Huber, co-founder of First Due join Drew to talk about their recent partnership. Brycer the Compliance Engine (\ is a tool for jurisdictions for fire protection systems. First Due is a fire service platform that helps AHJs and fire services manage teams, dispatching, and other emergency management tools. The trio talks about bringing value and safety to communities, sharing the right data with the right people, the first of its kind integration between their platforms, and their favorite golfer. You know it wouldn’t be The Fire Protection Podcast without some golf thrown in!

Wouldn’t it be incredibly helpful to a fire chief know the working status of the fire protection systems of the burning building 1st responders are rushing to? This episode gets into this and other topics such as ditching paper, fire protection & life safety pre and post COVID, being ultra flexible, the trend of consolidation and providing extra value to your customers beyond your software. Not quite the drinking game episode #29 was! Same word -data- just not said quite as much. Who owns the customers’ data? The customer does! (duh!) The discussion leads into a very scary statistic. 50% of the buildings on record have no inspections, testing, or maintenance records. Not to minimize the sad and terrifying implications, but that’s an incredible amount of potential issues.

You can reach Matt Rice via and via Linkedin at You can contact Andreas Huber via the First Due website at or via Linkedin at and for information about their partnership with Brycer, please visit .

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Introduction (0:16)
Catch The Fire Protection Podcast LIVE at NAFED! (1:29)
Matt Rice and Andreas Huber Introduce Themselves (2:34)
Love Talkin’ Fire Protection Systems, Compliance, Jurisdictions, & 1st Responders (4:47)
First of its Kind! (6:16)
Getting Important Information to 1st Responders (8:30)
Operational Information Gap (9:14)
Is Their Fire Protection System Even Working? (11:30)
1st Responders Would Like to Know What They are Getting into (12:10)
1st Responders Dashboard (13:11)
Gray Area: What is Given to His About Fire Protection System Conditions? (16:29)
How Many Jurisdictions Using Both Tools? (17:50)
What About 2020 and So Far in 2021? (19:00)
The “Gift” of Covid (28:56)
Who Owns the Data? (36:38)
Hurdles for 2021? (42:21)
What About Insurance Agencies? (47:40)
Hurdles are Opportunities (48:49)
It’s A Lot of Work to get Good Data (50:19)
It Has to be More Than Just Technology – Be A Problem Solver (53:20)
Quick Round – Golf Version! (59:40)
Matt Throws Down! (59:47)