Streamlining Your Fire Inspection Process May Be the Best Solution for Your Business 


No matter how successful we want our fire inspection business to be, or how much hard work and organization we put into it, sometimes things still end up lost. Relying on hard copies for your source of primary documentation leaves a larger margin for error in your fire inspection business. Sometimes, as much as we try to keep everything tightly organized, stacks of papers become a nightmare and not the solution. Why not take a better shot at reducing the chances of human error? It’s 2018, folks! Give your fire protection business the boost it needs to keep up with customer traffic, better service, and the expansion of your industry.


streamline your fire inspection processes and lose the stacks of papers


At Inspect Point, we created and fine-tuned our software so that it can keep you, your office team, and your fire inspectors in the field organized, will keep you up to date on all your business needs, and best of all, it will eliminate the unnecessary mountain of paperwork on your desk. But how does our fire inspection software do all this?


iPads and iPhones are key to streamlining your fire inspection processes with Inspect Point's software


Inspect Point streamlines and maintains fire inspection information straight from your mobile device or iPad. This means you can perform fire inspections in the field, send the information to the office, and create proposals all in the palm of your hand through an app. And not to worry if you experience some troubleshooting, (such as trying to figure out how to give the app access to your mobile device’s camera) there’s a wonderful help desk which offers breakdowns of how to use everything that the fire inspection app has to offer.

What we’re trying to say is this: you have the tools (aka the app) so put them to use! Here are the different ways this program will help you efficiently and securely streamline your fire inspection process.


How Can You Streamline Your Fire Inspection Process?


Remove the ink from the paper, clear off your desk! Complete NFPA inspections from an iPad, yep, an iPad. Inspect Point offers a whole new game plan for the Fire and Life Safety Inspection industry.


Schedule and Dispatch Your Fire Inspections


streamlining your fire inspection process by scheduling and dispatching inspections using Inspect Point's software


Now you can dispatch fire inspections with the click of a button. There’s no more needing to write out each individual inspection, and customer profile, only to pass it down the line of command until it reaches its intended destination. Instead, quickly schedule, assign and dispatch fire inspections to a specific technician for a specific date, time, or even a recurring visit.

Life happens, things happen, and suddenly you find yourself having to schedule a last minute inspection. Without a streamlined process, this inevitably creates utter chaos as you try and find someone to take on this last minute job. Worry no more! Inspect Point’s software is adaptable for last-minute fire inspections by showing your calendar’s available tech, schedule, and assignment. This way you are able to quickly and efficiently handle whatever curveball is thrown your way. Never miss an inspection again!


Keep an Eye on Your Fire Protection Business


streamlining your fire inspection process is easy when you can see a high level overview of what's on the calendar


You will always be able to access real-time updates from the field. Sort through the inspections waiting review, inspections scheduled for that day, or review deficiencies identified during inspections. All of these are available to view from an easy-to-navigate homepage. This overview feature provides the opportunity you may need to optimize your business by prioritizing what you handle first. 


Receiving and Sending Messages from the Field


sending messages directly to your clients will help you to streamline your fire inspection processes


Create and keep open communication flowing when your techs are in the field, or in the office, through the messaging feature in the software. Any messages created during the inspection are named, dated, and time-stamped so you’ll always know who wrote them and when. You are also able to seamlessly sync messages so you will never miss important information regarding a building or inspection.


Generate Fire Inspection Reports with a Single Click


generating fire inspection reports with a single click helps when you are streamlining your fire inspection process


Remember what we said about the ability to eliminate the pen and paper? This one-click application gives you an easy way to generate professionally branded inspection reports that display your client’s information (such as the building and contact info) and your logo. 


Plan for Recurring Fire Inspections


streamlining your fire inspections is easy with recurring scheduling options


Do you have a recurring contract with your customer? What frequency agreement have you secured with your customer based on requirements? Open the app and you can quickly create recurring monthly, quarterly, or annually (plus more) inspections. We make it easy for you to schedule inspections specifically tailored to the required frequency of that business and contract.


Generate Fire Protection Service Proposals in the Field


generate fire protection service proposals in the field with Inspect Point


The waiting game is indeed one of the worst things a business can do to themselves and, more importantly, to a paying customer. Waiting for confirmations, paperwork, and information that is continually trading hands and shuffling desktops can create a sense of unreliability and the potential to lose those customers to a competitor.

With Inspect Point’s innovative fire inspection software, technicians can prepare and present proposals, gather signatures and send all proposed work back to the office with just a few taps of their fingers. This feature helps to tie your inspection and service departments together. And overall, this feature also leaves fewer chances for disorganization and/or miscommunications. Time is money! Don’t waste it waiting on verbal confirmations, ordering parts, and dispatching staff. The quicker you address your client’s needs, the more reliable you are to them.


Creating a Fire Pump Performance Curve


a fire pump performance curve is an excellent feature in Inspect Point's fire inspection software


This handy part of our fire inspection software creates a visual, professional, computer-generated fire pump performance curve. Take away the manual plotting and watch the curve, or curves, generate with the push of a button.


Complete NFPA 25 Inspections on iPads


NFPA 25 inspections can be done on an iPad with Inspect Point


By giving your technicians a way to access the mobile app, you remove the hassle of hand-writing reports. No more hand-writing paper inspections or struggling to interpret chicken scratch in order to generate final reports. Have everything you need: pictures, notes, signatures, proposed corrections, etc. all in one single easy-to-read document. No more thumb drives getting lost, no more photocopies, or copious amounts of documents piling on your desk, and no more waiting for the customer or your technician. Wasting paper? No longer!


Report and Prioritize Critical Deficiencies


use fire inspection software to document critical deficiencies


Document deficiencies in order of priority. With the Inspect Point mobile app, technicians in the field have the capability to document deficiencies via the mobile device’s camera. They can then select a priority deficiency status, per NFPA, to assist the workflow and let the customer know the severity of the deficiency. 


Answer Relevant Fire Inspection Questions in Real Time


streamlining your fire inspection processes is effortless with Inspect Point's app


Time is valuable, don’t waste it by answering non-relevant questions. With Inspect Point, you can customize the needs of your business and the needs of your customers at the same time, in real time. This is done by displaying only the inspection questions associated with the frequency, system, asset, and building requirements. By doing this, we help decrease the time it takes you and your technicians to perform an inspection. This gives you the ability to increase the number of fire inspections you can tackle in one day.


We Want You to Streamline Your Fire Protection Business


We offer you a way to help your fire protection business reach its highest potential. This means focusing on ways to make it better than before, and avoiding spending time on mistakes that the software can fix for you.


Inspect Point’s Software Will:


  1. Save you time and money
  2. Be able to Document Deficiencies
  3. Ensure you never miss an inspection again
  4. Have the capability to generate service proposals in the field
  5. Keep all of your information in one easily accessible place


streamlining your fire inspections makes the whole team happier


Take the guesswork out and take the mountains of paper out (but be sure to recycle them!). Take back your fire protection business from the current situation and elevate it to a whole new level. We want you to be able to provide the best for your customers, and that starts with providing yourself the best and most effective inspection software.