Nowadays, there is an app for anything a business could possibly need in order to operate more efficiently.


There are apps for timekeeping, email platforms, contacts and CRMs, bookkeeping, and the list goes on.  Maybe your company is an early adopter of technology, maybe not.  In either case, you cannot deny the way mobile technology is shaping the way we all do business.


If you’re still using pen and paper to complete fire inspections, it’s probably time to hop on the tech bandwagon and look into a solution that offers mobile technology in addition to paperless inspections.


Here are the top reasons why you should consider ditching the pen and paper and making the switch to Inspect Point and its mobile app for iPads.


Get More Done


Are you still wasting time and money on paper inspection reports?  Consider all the time your company wastes every week downloading and printing forms, writing up reports, filing and searching for documents, not to mention the money you spend on all of these things.


Add it all up, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t made the change already!


By using Inspect Point’s iPad app, you’ll be able to watch as your average job time goes down, productivity goes up, and your profit margin increase.  Furthermore, this fire inspection app has the ability to send a branded inspection report directly to your client upon completion, reducing the time each inspection takes your company overall.


Communicate Better


A quality fire inspection app will include a method of communication between your technicians and back office employees.  This means your tech won’t need to exit the app to communicate with the office.


When you choose Inspect Point, you’ll get a dedicated communication portal connected to the back end.  Your tech can get live updates from home base and make adjustments in the field, and your back end will receive reports as they are finished.


Ease of Access


Our iPad app was designed with ease of access in mind, which makes Inspect Point accessible and user friendly.


Even your technology phobic inspectors will come to prefer a paperless system eventually, as they realize how much smoother things run with a fire protection app.


No more digging in file cabinets to find what you’re looking for. Everything is right at your fingertips whether your using Inspect Point’s software or iPad application for your fire protection business.


Real Time Updates


A fire inspection iPad app will also help you improve productivity because your techs can immdiately send the report back to the office as soon as they complete the inspection(s).


This simplifies accountability tracking, so you know who’s dragging their heels or who could take on more fire inspections in the field.  Also, whenever a report is finalized in the system, the back end will know right away and can move on to the next thing.


Consistency and Readability


When you choose the right fire inspection software, and iPad app, you won’t have to worry about interpreting the handwriting or notes of individual techs anymore.  When you make the switch to a paperless solution like Inspect Point, you’ll always be able to count on consistent formatting and legible information in the fire inspection reports your techs generate.


Want to learn more about what Inspect Point can offer your fire protection and inspection business?


Schedule a demo today so you can finally ditch the pen and paper and streamline your operations.



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