Making Your Fire System Inspection Reports the Best in the Business

Inspecting fire protection systems and life safety systems are some of the most important work you can do. It requires highly trained professionals to perform incredibly demanding tasks. But how much are you demanding from your inspection reports? Our technicians enforce their requirements. But if they’re still operating on pen and paper, how can you be sure everything is up to date with the NFPA 25? Well, the answer, of course, is to create a better fire system inspection report, like the kind provided by Inspect Point.

What Makes for the Best Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Inspection Testing and Maintenance?

Fire system inspection reports include safety inspections, checking fire alarms, fire pumps, smoke detectors. When your technicians are out there performing this and everything else that needs to be up to code or standard, there is no room for error. That goes for the business end, too. 

Missing scheduled inspections are always a possibility when you’re relying on pen and paper. That’s where Inspect Point comes in! Our software helps your whole team; from business owner to technician, to office dispatcher and everyone in between. 

eliminate the risks of losing crucial paperwork when you use an iPad instead

NFPA 25 Inspections From Your iPad

With Inspect Point’s software, your technicians will have a complete NFPA 25 report always available at their fingertips. As long as your techs can operate a tablet, they can use our software. 

This will also eliminate any uncertainties you might face with paper. No waiting for photocopies, no trying to decipher bad handwriting. Everything is laid out neatly in one convenient, automated place for you.

NFPA 25 inspections from your ipad

Generate Reports Instantly

Waiting for paperwork to come from your technicians can be a pain, but you know you can rely on them. On the other hand, waiting for paperwork to come from your clients is an entirely different story. With Inspect Point software, you won’t need to worry about waiting for anything.

Your technicians can generate proposals in the field, collect signatures, and send them back to your office instantaneously. Techs can also send and receive messages through the Inspect Point software. We know that smooth communication is what keeps a business running. That’s why we wanted to provide you with the most seamless communication possible. 

Error-Proof Fire Performance Curve Creation

error-proof fire pump performance curves

Long gone are the days of creating performance curves by hand, or at least we hope so. Many times, creating an accurate fire performance curve takes the use of several programs. So even if you’re not doing it by hand, that method can open different pathways for error. 

Alternatively, with Inspect Point, your technicians can create a fire performance curve using the data they’ve collected and entered all within the single app. Your fire inspectors will know they have the most accurate graph possible. And you can attach it to your fire system inspection report when it’s generated.

Never Lose Track of Critical Deficiencies

never lose track of critical deficiencies with the Inspect Point software

Losing track of critical deficiencies is something we’d like to believe would never happen. But if your techs are still doing reports on paper, it’s always a possibility. Paperwork sometimes doesn’t get filed, or it gets lost, or maybe it’s illegible. However, sometimes it just comes down to the way your paperwork is laid out. Information can be lost or overlooked.

Instead, Inspect Point allows your technicians to list critical deficiencies in order of priority. Not only does this help your technicians to perform the best job, but it also helps your customers. They can more easily understand what work is the most important. And they know what they need to pay the most attention to before next year’s fire system inspection report comes.

Keep A Bird’s-Eye-View on Every Fire System Inspection Report

keep a close eye on every fire system inspection report

Inspect Point wasn’t designed with only your technicians in mind. It’s also designed to help you and your office perform your jobs as efficiently as possible. With an interactive schedule, you can always see where your techs are, where they’re scheduled in the future, and where they have openings that you can fit more jobs into. 

You can also easily make regularly scheduled fire system inspection reports. Created for your customers and put directly into the app’s calendar. Again, this takes away another opportunity for error and saves your business money. 

Don’t Hesitate, Give Your Employees and Customers a Better Fire System Inspection Report

safely do your fire system inspection reports

Business and home fire system inspection reports are extremely important. It keeps the public safe, and it keeps your company running. So why settle for anything less than the absolute best? In an industry that’s so important, there is no room for errors. 

So if you want to help your techs create the best fire system inspection reports, visit Inspect Point, and see what we have to offer!