You are currently conducting a fire safety inspection, and carrying with you a clipboard and pen, you scribble down all of the deficiencies that need to be fixed throughout the building. Later in the day, you schedule appointments for your clients to repair whatever needs to be adjusted to pass the inspection. This whole process can take days, even weeks. You’ve been realizing that old ways of performing fire inspections are out of date and too time consuming for today’s modern consumer.

The explanation above is pretty standard when it comes to fire protection services in general. However, writing inspections by hand, printing, scanning, and communicating with your team or 3rd party contractors can make inspections long-winded and inefficient. Especially when there is a much better way. Luckily for you, with fire inspection apps and software you can save time and costs, while performing more inspections and closing more service contracts.

The current climate of fire protection services companies is highly competitive, which means it is essential to stay up to date with the latest technology. This ensures that your company provides, and is known for, the best fire protection services on the market. This will lead you to more extensive and more corporate, long-term clients. Inspection software is a beautiful example of technology that cuts costs and saves time by improving fire inspection efficiency. As a fire protection services company, you will close more deals with larger clients when you can promise high quality, time saving fire protection services. For the cost of purchasing software, there is an extraordinarily high return on investment for your business.


A few of these returns include:

  • – More efficient use of time
  • – Increased sales and revenue
  • – Decreased payroll and resources costs
  • – Improved company standards
  • – Streamlined communications between departments
  • – Extraordinary customer services
  • – Company branded documents
  • – A more organized system and process

While there are many benefits to fire inspection software, one of the greatest is the ability to streamline the process and have a live feed of proposals, reviews, and other status updates. With the use of this software, conversations about inspections become quick. With inspection software, like Inspect Point, dispatching inspections get a whole lot easier. Inspection companies can quickly “schedule, assign, and dispatch inspections to a particular technician for a specific date, time, or recurrence.” This is especially beneficial for last minute inspections and the quick scheduling of upcoming inspections. Once scheduled, the technician receives the information about the inspection and is ready to get it done.


For the perspective of the business owner, this is a management no-brainier. Using just an iPad, and the software, you can get 24/7 access to the current state of jobs you were hired to do, your current client satisfaction, and the status of the employees that work for you. With inspection software, you have all the oversight without actually having to attend every single inspection. If you have WiFi access, you can do your job as the owner/manager just as well as if you were onsite during the inspection.


Sit back, relax, and monitor:

  • Who is working what jobs
  • The line of communication between employees, customers, and contractors
  • The current state of an inspection
  • What needs to be fixed for the client to pass inspection
  • What inspections are scheduled for the day
  • Priority levels of different proficiencies


One of the benefits of streamlined technology is how easy it makes the field service proposal process. With Inspect Point, technicians can prepare and present proposals for upcoming projects, gather the needed signatures, and send all of the approved, and denied, work back to your office via the software. While employees continue onto the next fire inspection of the day, you can begin ordering parts and dispatching service technicians just moments after receiving the field service proposal approval. This is a lot less time than it would take if you had to wait around for your employees to call and explain the situation. Benefits of streamlined field service proposals help your inspection and service department businesses come together to produce results quickly for your clients.

Utilizing the field service proposal feature is a great way to create an efficient and organized service for your clients. Fire inspection software is designed for those inspection businesses that want to grow and lead the way for technology adoption throughout the industry. Top of the industry technology like inspection software is what sets your business apart, and closes more high quality, long-term deals. The benefits of using technology to automate these fire protection services wildly outweigh any initial cost. If you would like to learn more about Inspect Point’s inspection software, and its benefits, click here!