The State of Pre-Engineered Systems with Jamie Knowles

On September 30, 2022, the rules changed for fire sprinkler antifreeze systems. Sean Pearce of Lubrizol joins me to discuss the updates to NFPA 13 & 25 and how they will affect contractors and building owners moving forward. How do companies test new and old antifreeze moving forward? When are antifreeze systems required to remove and change out to the new UL-Listed products? What design variables are involved when engineering a new fire sprinkler system that is susceptible to the cold? How do you currently analyze your antifreeze testing? Are you grabbing data points to compare? All of these any more are discussed. Watch and listen here. 

Lubrizol has created an incredibly informative presentation called Listed Antifreeze for Fire Sprinkler Systems. You can download a copy here.


Episode Notes:

 0:15 –   Drew’s Intro from Antarctica
1:39  –  Intro from Canada
1:54 –   Shout out to Troy Life & Fire Safety
2:09  – Conversion to Listed Antifreeze
3:20  – What is out there?
4:17   –  Sean, who are you?
5:30 –  Supply Chain
5:50  –  NFPA25 and Older Systems
7:34  –  Is a Dry System Better?
9:18   – Will there be a TIA?
10:07 –  How Many Old Systems are Out there?
11:13 –  The Contractor Still has the Liability
12:05  –  Refractometers & other new Tools
13:17  –  The Field Testing Challenge: it’s a Science Experiment
16:38  –  Huge Challenge for Contractors
19:00 –   When there were Large Vats of Glycerine!
22:58  – ESFR
26:50  – What’s Next?
28:01  –  Get Trained
29:44  –  Sugar & Concrete
32:09  –  NYC DOB
35:43  – Canadian Socks
37:55 –  Inspection Software Makes it Easy for AHJs
39:00  – Fire Sprinklers Save Lives
39:40  – Outro