In this episode, Drew talks to Victoria Hutchinson, of the NFPA Research Foundation, and data guru from Netage BV, Bart van Leeuwen. Both Victoria and Bart are industry veterans. Victoria grew up in a fire protection family and is a design engineer as well as being the project manager for the NFPA Research Foundation. The NFPA Research Foundation is a different not for profit organization spun from the NFPA with the overall mission to manage and communicate research that informs the NFPA standards, and are going to inform the codes. Bart works for Netage B.V. and is a part time fire captain in Amsterdam, Holland. Netage B.V. uses smart data to help protect first responders by supplying them incident data and other data including that created via AI. The trio discuss the ITM Project in detail from what it is to why it is important, to how it works, to all the various parts and pieces. There is a lot to unpack! There is really no consistent way that all the players in fire protection create and store their data. The ITM Project has been working with 40,000 fire inspections and trying to find a data model to combine the various data streams included in those 40,000 reports. The goal is to make that data findable, accessible, and available to all relevant community members, from the contractors who perform the inspections, to the building owners, to insurers and Joint Commissions/AHJs, and to companies like Inspect Point, who provide the means to collect, share, and store fire inspection data. NFPA Research Foundation is on the NFPA website at https://www.nfpa.org/News-and-Research/Resources/Fire-Protection-Research-Foundation There, you will also find the link to submit a request to be included in the research process. Netage B.V. website is https://netage.nl You can reach out to Victoria via LinkedIn or via email at vhutchinson@nfpa.org You can reach out to Bart via LinkedIn, his company website (Netage B.V. above), via his Blog blog.netage.nl, or via his Twitter account, @semanticfire


Introductions (2:34)
Meet Victoria Hutchinson (2:46)
Meet Bart van Leeuwen (4:20)
Smart Fire Fighting (6:04)
Software Platforms & Solutions for AHJs in US (7:28)
What is the NFPA Research Foundation? (8:26)
Four People Covering 50 Topics at Once (9:30)
Bringing Research Into Practice (10:10)
Projects the NFPA Research Foundation is Working On (11:36)
Anyone Can Get Involved — like YOU!  (12:29)
What does ITM Stand For? (15:51)
Why is This Needed? (16:08)
Did This All Stem From Fire Pumps? (17:48)
Everyone Wants the Analytics (20:25)
Fire Pump Churn Testing (22:48)
Why Are NFPA 25 Meetings Funny? (23:42)
Data Grabbing Is Tough (27:46)
Who Owns the Data? (30:49)
Sharing the Data (35:09)
Performance Based ITM (36:46)
Collected Data from 40,000 Fire Inspections (40:32)
Will the Results of that Data Analysis be Game Changing? (43:05)
Report of Project (43:10)
Next Steps (43:43)
Can We Create a Uniform Data Model From Diverse Streams of Data? (44:26)
Will the NFPA25 Update in May ’21 Use This Data? (46:34)
Get Involved! (47:40)
New Direction Coming  (48:41)
The Data Drinking Game! (48:48)
Quick Response Round! (49:30)
Nerd Question Alert (50:39)
Shout Out to Jeff Norton!(51:25)
NFPA Bedtime Stories for Victoria (52:40)
Novec 1230 Systems (54:05)
There Will Never Be A Fire At A “Normal” Person’s House (55:10)
Fire Captain Bart Has Great Stories Not Suitable for Podcasts! (55:35)
Where Can People Find You? (55:40)
Wrap Ups (57:28)

Discussed in this Episode: NFPA Research Foundation, NFPA Codes and Standards, Inspection Data Collection, Fire Fighting, Emerging Technology in Fire Protection, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance, Fire Pump Performance, Analytics, Fair Data Practices