Jason Webb, Director of Industry Affairs, at Potter Electric Signal, presents a webinar on the top 10 non-technical things everyone should know about NFPA 25.

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There is no shortage of technical guidelines for NFPA 25 inspections, but what about the non-technical items? This webinar uses a question and answer format to review the Top 10 Non-Technical Things Everyone Should Know About NFPA 25.

Introductions (03:06)
No 1. Why do fire codes require compliance with NFPA 25? (04:53)
No 2. Where does NFPA 25 come up with the ITM requirements? (08:06)
No 3. How are ITM frequencies established? (12:14)
No 4. Who is responsible for ITM and compliance with NFPA 25? (15:39)
No 5. Who can perform ITM? (16:45)
No 6. Which edition of NFPA 25 applies where I’m located? (21:05)
No 7. What records are required? (24:06)
No 8. What is the difference between an internal assessment and an obstruction investigation? (26:11)
No 9. What do internal assessments/inspections tell you? (29:50)
No 10. How do I change NFPA 25? (31:34)
Questions from the Audience (35:47)

Continuing Education: Attendees of this webinar received educational credit for attending.

Part 2 Webinar

Coming soon! Inspect Point and Jason Webb of Potter Electric Signal will be hosting a part 2 webinar. Be on the lookout for this invite.

Have a question you’d like to see included in the next webinar? What additional NFPA 25 topics would you like to see covered next? Visit our contact us page to send a note.

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