Drew sits down with Joe Meyer of MeyerFire LLC. Joe has several ventures in fire protection design and has made a huge splash in the engineering world with his website MeyerFire.com.

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Background of Joe (2:55)
Going with a digital business model as an engineer (5:10)
Key to blogging (9:15)
MeyerFire tools (13:40)
Sprinkler selection tool (17:15)
Exam Prep (24:00)
BIM / Rivit (35:35)
Quick Response Round (40:15)

Discussed in this Episode: MeyerFire.com, CodeCalls.org

About MeyerFire

The aim of MeyerFire is to promote the practice by connecting and empowering professionals in and around the fire protection community. MeyerFire is committed to providing high-quality, highly visual educational content and resources unlike anywhere else in the fire protection industry. view website

About Joe Meyer

Joe Meyer is a licensed Fire Protection Engineer and author who has a passion for the industry. He owns his own practice focusing in fire suppression, fire alarm and life safety applications in St. Louis, Missouri.

He has published a leading Prep Guide for Fire Protection PE Exam and created the MeyerFire Toolkit, an all-inclusive collection of design tools specifically for fire sprinkler designers and engineers.

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