Overseeing a facility, a campus or other building complexes come with a variety of challenges, ranging from staffing to training, to compliance on health, environmental, and fire safety.

In Episode 26, Drew sits down with Joshua and Lindsey Brackett, co-founders of Legacy FM, to discuss facility management and fire protection in healthcare facilities. Both have deep backgrounds in the facility management world and sit on various committees with ASHE and NFPA. Legacy FM has started empowering through specific strategies for facility needs.

Within the episode, Joint Commission regulations and healthcare fire protection are discussed, including best practices to manage contractors, engineers, and facility staff. Josh and Lindsey provide a wealth of knowledge, and providing free access to training materials are key to their message. Recently they have both started posting training and technical videos on LinkedIn and other social media channels.

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Introductions (2:30)
Legacy FM (5:45)
NICET (11:00)
Fire Protection Contractors / Bidding (16:10)
Healthcare codes / Joint Commission (21:00)
NFPA 4 (27:30)
Technical Blip (28:30… Sorry)
NFPA 4 / ASHE (29:00)
Data in Fire Protection / NFPA Research Foundation (33:00)
Book with ASHE (37:55)
Legacy FM and ASHE – YouTube Channel (42:25)
Quick Response Round (50:45)

Discussed in this Episode: Legacy FM, NICET, NFPA 4, ASHE, energytocare.org

About Legacy FM

Legacy FM offers facilities management training to empower your team. They understand how critical training is to keep your facilities running smoothly. When your experienced facilities employees retire over the next few years, it will add stress to your less experienced team members. They just don’t have the historical building knowledge of your facility. This puts your facility at risk.

The mission of Legacy FM is simple: empower the men and women that keep your buildings running. They harness the knowledge and expertise of your seasoned facilities management professionals to create meaningful content specific to your facility. With this leverage, Legacy FM develops content and training to teach your entire team on your equipment.

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