Augmented reality and remote inspections (NFPA 915) have been huge topics in fire protection over the last year. Drew sits down with Andy Lynch of The Fire Solutions Group to chat about his Fire Vision platform.

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Background of Andy (2:40)
Fire Vision (7:25)
QuakeTech (11:50)
How does the Augmented Reality work (16:30)
How the cloud is helping Augmented Reality (19:40)
Cities being 3D mapped (20:40)
Augmented Reality devices (22:25)
Remote Inspections – NFPA 915 (24:35)
Future of fire detection (28:20)
PFAS – Foam Fire Fighting Protection (32:40)
Quick Response Round (39:45)

NFPA 915, Augmented Reality, PFAS and more…

Imagine being able to conduct a fire protection inspection with a virtual map of where all of the systems and components are. Falling in line with the new NFPA 915 standard, Drew cover this topic on the Fire Production Podcast with guest Andy Lynch of The Fire Solutions Group.

Andy discusses how Fire Solutions Group’s new technology is about to change how Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), engineers, contractors, and building owners look at fire protection.

Drew and Andy also discussed his past projects with fire / flame detection systems and what is coming next in the space. PFAS and fire fighting foam was the final topic and how to approach the ever growing environmental concerns.

Fire Vision will 3D scan the area, building or site of interest creating a 3D image. Icons are placed, identifying relevant resources, hazards and equipment. With over 100 icons available, each icon contains relevant information using standardized symbol taken from HAZMAT and NFPA 170 symbols.

Quake Technologies are a manufacturer of fire fighting equipment with an integrated augmented reality in the SCBA.  Think of it as “Ironman AR” for firefighters.

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