Drew talks with fire protection industry legend, Terry Victor. Terry is on 20, yes 20 different NFPA committees. He also has his dream job as Sr. Manager of Industry Relationships for Johnson Controls. This is his first podcast, but it won’t be his last. You’ll soon hear him everywhere. Drew already wants to book him again!

Terry shares his rich history in the fire safety industry as well as his predictions for the future, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected system, as well as remote monitoring and inspection. Terry also dives into several codes, including NFPA 4 and how this code will be adopted.

NFPA website for Remote Inspection information

You can reach out to Terry on LinkedIn or via his email Terry.Victor@jci.com

You can reach out to Drew at drew@inspectpoint.com To learn more about inspect Point, talk to us at sales@inspectpoint.com

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Introductions (2:32)
Terry’s 20 Committees (4:26)
Terry’s History (5:12)
Drew’s History (8:13)
The3 Kozlowski days of Tyco (8:55)
The Value of Fire Protection (12:00)
A Noble Industry (13:27)
20 Different Standards? (14:45)
NFPA13, 14, 11, 16, and 25 (15:46)
NFPA303 – Marinas, Docks & Boat Yards (18:18)
NFPA4 – Test Agents (19:48)
Remote Testing, FDNY, COVID, and IoT (25:28)
The Cost of Freeze Ups (30:00)
Allowances for Equipment in System (34:40)
Crab Cakes or Boiled Crab? (35:55)
Quick Response Round (35:34)

Discussed in this Episode: Johnson Controls (JCI), NFPA Codes and Standards, Inspection Data Collection, Internet of Things (IoT), Remote Monitoring and Testing

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