Using Fire Protection Management Software to Make Your Life Easier

For those of us in the fire inspection industry, we know that fire and life safety is an extremely important business. We also know that the job isn’t easy. We are busy managing projects, looking after our team members, and staying up-to-date with our knowledge on fire safety equipment and public safety codes. It can be a lot to keep track of. Using fire inspection software changes everything! At Inspect Point, it’s our mission to take the pressure off of you and your technicians and streamline your business.

fire protection management software means there's less paper

1. No More Sorting Through Paperwork 

Generating paperwork has got to be one of the most time-consuming activities we partake in. Not just the time to actually write information down onto physical paper, but later, the filing. We need to sort it, sort through the file cabinets later to find it. Not only that but because it’s made of paper, it’s susceptible to being destroyed by fire and water.

By using Inspect Point to create digital inspection reports, you can have all of your files in one convenient place. No more wasting effort trying to find paperwork that may have been misplaced or improperly filed. Everything is easily accessed from a single computer. 

if you can operate a mobile device, you can use fire inspection software

2. If You Can Operate a Mobile Device, You Can Use Inspection Software 

New technology can be intimidating, we understand that. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But if your technicians are familiar with operating their cell phones or mobile tablets, operating Inspect Point is a breeze. Inspect Point’s project management software is user-friendly and compatible with iPads and mobile devices. 

If you have any questions our help desk is as extensive as you could ever want it to be. We have step-by-step instructions with accompanying images to help you troubleshoot any problems you might run in to.

Inspect Point software let's you create proposals in real time

3. Create Service Proposals in the Field 

They say time is money. And when you run a business, you know that every second and every penny count. Inspect Point can save your business some of both by eliminating waiting time. Our fire inspection software allows your technicians to create proposals instantly in the field. They do so by using their smart device. Here they get signatures and send approved or denied work to your administrative team in real-time.

Now it’s back to the office! They can begin ordering parts and scheduling technicians to be dispatched as soon as the proposal is approved. Teams spend less time sitting on their hands waiting for physical reports to come back. And it’s even faster than waiting for a phone call.

your calendar couldn't be easier to organize with fire inspeciton software from inspect point

4. Create a Smart-Schedule You Can’t Mess Up 

In the era of pen and paper, creating a schedule could be a lot of work. We had to write out individual inspections, create customer profiles, and send those reports to the technicians. Obviously, this creates a lot of opportunity error. And there’s no need for paperwork to get lost, or for your company to lose money.

With Inspect Point, your calendar couldn’t be any easier to organize. Quickly and easily see all of your customer profiles, technicians, and jobs that need to be performed. You can view individual technicians. Like where they are at what times, and most importantly when they have gaps in their schedule.

Your office will be able to dispatch your technicians with unparalleled proficiency. Inspect Point lets you see what has been scheduled and performed, and what needs to be done. Technicians don’t have to worry about being called to a project last minute. And you don’t have to worry about an inspection being missed. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your workers, and that you’re giving the most to your customers. Their lives depend on it!

see the big picture on a single project management tool

5. See the Big Picture on a Single Tool

Running a business isn’t easy for anyone. But it can be particularly stressful when you know that people’s lives are on the line. Take some of that stress away with our fire inspection software! See the big picture all from one convenient application. You have access to your real-time updates from your field technicians as well as your full calendar of scheduled inspections.

You will also be able to see inspections that have not yet been performed or are waiting to be assigned. Inspect Point allows you to cut out the guesswork. No longer is there a need to go from department to department inside of your office, asking every person if they know the information you need. Inspect Point gives you and everyone on your team the power of every piece of working knowledge at your disposal. You’ll never waste time figuring out where a technician is or if a job has been completed.

no need to have piles of paper, notes, etc with fire inspection software

Take the Headache Out of the Equation

We are in a stressful industry, there’s no way around it. Overall, it’s stressful because it’s important! But we definitely don’t need any additional stress in our lives over lost paperwork or improperly scheduled technicians. See for yourself how Inspect Point can help. We remove the headaches from running your fire inspection business, pinky promise. So visit our website and request a demo. See for yourself how our fire inspection software will streamline your business flawlessly and efficiently!