Grow Your Fire Protection Business by Utilizing the Benefits of Increasing Time Efficiency & Improving Your Company Standards

While you’re conducting a fire and safety inspection in the field, you may notice deficiencies that need correction. Proposing changes on-site following inspection can help you win jobs and increase your revenue. Inspection software, like Inspect Point, can facilitate these field service proposals. But there are other important steps to accessing these benefits, too.

In a recent blog, we identified some of the returns you receive through the use of fire inspection software, including field service proposals. Here, let’s take a deeper dive into how some of these returns can skyrocket your business.

It’s important to ask questions, right? So, consider the following while reading this blog…
  • What could your business do with more time?
  • What could your business do with improved company standards?
  • How will field service proposals produce revenue increases?
  • How will this ultimately benefit, and change, your business for the better?

A More Efficient Use of Time Brings Opportunity

If there’s a fire… time is of the essence. If there’s a faulty piece of fire safety equipment noted in an inspection… time is of the same essence. With Inspect Point’s use of fire inspection apps, costs not only go down, but time is saved as well.

The ability to perform, locate and repair deficiencies upon the inspection saves time, money, and possibly lives; there shouldn’t be a need for the firemen and firetrucks if your inspection is done efficiently and effectively well, right?  

Inspect Point’s unique software allows you to label your company as the best provider for fire protection services. By offering an all-around thorough solution that is time-efficient and productive, your company will have the opportunity to close more deals with larger clients.  

Inspect Point software is the most efficient way to connect business to the inspection process

High Investment Returns

By promising (and providing) high-quality, time-saving, and cost-efficient fire protection services, there will be a wonderfully higher return on investments for your business.

A few of these returns include:
  • More efficient use of time
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Decreased payroll and resources costs
  • Improved company standards
  • Streamlined communications between departments
  • Extraordinary customer services
  • Company branded documents
  • A more organized system and process

Grow Your Business

Here’s the thing. A successful company is a company who can make the best, most beneficial impressions on clients. Doing so is a positive step towards growing your business. With Inspect Point’s software, you are able to create and provide accurate, efficient and professional quality inspection reports. This will be fone in far less time than if you were still using the traditional pen and paper method.

Inspection software from Inspect Point gives your business the opportunity to create and generate proposals on site. This technology provides an innovative platform for facilitating field service proposals easily and effectively, allowing for the proper actions to be provided and responded to quickly.

This allows growth for your business as a whole; overseeing jobs without actually having to be physically at the job sight. It’s a management dream, don’t you think? With access to all your jobs literally in the palm of your hand, streamlining proposals and managing inspections becomes so much easier for your employees and for your business.

win more field service proposals with the Inspect Point software

A Solid Workforce = A Solid Company

Inspectors can access all information and tools they need in order to generate customized inspections and proposals all from the device in their hand with Inspect Point’s software.

Automating your company processes means routines become that much more attainable, effective, and productive. Inspect Point benefits the communication between departments which makes for a happy, hard-working team. And with a team like that, success is easily within reach. And your customers are happier, too. As always, promoting excellent customer service is crucial to running a successful business.

Inspect Point will centralize your business processes and assist the focus on maintaining a solid, knowledgeable workforce for a solid, successful company.

Streamlining Communication Between Departments Promotes Better Customer Service

By centralizing your inspection content, the work between your company’s departments becomes much easier to manage. Communication is streamlined. Inspect Point provides a solid basis for not only the inspectors in the field but also for the people in-house.

Inspect Point is a system, yes… but it also creates one. A communication system like this software keeps proposals, related documents, billing, field proposals and everything in between current and approved. This massively reduces the effort and time it takes to do these things without the proper proposal software.

streamline the entire process in one place: Inspect Point

Adopting Inspect Point software means that tasks can be allocated throughout your team, where their progress can be tracked, reported and their responses can all be in one solid place. The best part is that all of this can be done within the software, between your team, before it’s sent out as an official proposal to the owner.

As a result, the collaborative management of job tasks and field service proposals makes for a very effective, automated, integrated process that the whole company can jump in on. By having everyone on the same page, this promotes extraordinary customer service; streamlined management processes customer responses and requests far faster than ever before.

Simplicity: that’s the key, right?

Increasing Sales Increases Company Revenue

It’s a no-brainer: winning more services proposals in the field, with the Inspect Point software as your middleman, the company base and on-site inspectors have all the tools they need to increase sales. And with increased sales comes increased company revenue. Everyone can get on board with that, don’t you think?

Streamline Field Service Proposals

As previously mentioned, the Inspect Point software serves as an open portal for accessing information whenever, wherever you need it. The system has the ability to quickly and simply generate field service proposals on-site.

By centralizing all the information, management and inspectors and clients alike have the ease of access to their information. Providing access to all involved parties makes everything about the fire and safety inspection process so much easier. Automating proposals within the software includes the billing, lists of products and equipment, past and current reports, scope of work, etc. all in one secured place.

Proposed corrects can be stored and saved within the Inspect Point app for further review, or, if the proposal needs to be saved and generated right away, this can be done too. Whatever the process, the important thing is that using an integrated platform makes everything about performing inspections faster, simpler, and reliable.

let Inspect Point's app win more service proposals for you in the field

Inspect Point is the Best Benefit (and it’s its own package!)

So, here we are. What are you waiting for? If you want your business to skyrocket… hop aboard the Inspect Point ship. We’ll be sure to treat you very, very well.

For more information about how the app specifically creates and generates field service proposals, or to request a demo from us, we propose you click on those links!

And, as always, thanks for reading.