This month’s product updates are all about efficiency – out in the field and in the office! Our new features and feature updates are designed to optimize key processes for payments, proposals, service, and scheduling.

🔥 Check out what’s new on the back-end office web app:

  • Track When an Inspection is Due: Our new inspection “due date” field allows you to track when an inspection needs to be completed. With the new “due date” filter on the Inspections screen, you can quickly and easily see inspections that are due soon or overdue so that you never miss a deadline. Check it out:

🍾  And we’ve made updates to the iPad, too!

  • New Inspection-to-Work Order Workflow: Now, when a technician is doing an inspection and identifies an issue they can resolve while at the building, they can quickly and easily generate a work order for that work done on-site! No need to click out of the inspection and manually create a work order, or call the office for help. Check out the documentation to learn more about this new feature.
  • Proposal Enhancements: Imagine getting a proposal created and accepted on-site, on-the-spot, with just a few clicks! Now, a technician in the field can quickly customize a proposal and, if they’re connected to WiFi/data, have a customer sign right then and there. Learn more about how to turn this feature on in your instance!

Don’t forget! Did you catch last month’s product update? We released automated proposal reminders (and customers have already reported great success in converting proposals to work orders), technician time off, and company holidays so that you can track who’s working when, and more. Get up to speed!