At Inspect Point HQ here in the Northeast, winter is still in full swing! We’re looking ahead to warmer weather, and in anticipation, we’ve started our “spring cleaning” early this year – working hard on product improvements, and new features, that we hope will make your job easier than ever.

We are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 23rd, at 11:00 am ET. You can register for it right here.


Let’s start with a 👍 for our March 2022 product enhancements:

  • Adjusting your settings is easier than ever! No more hunting for the right page or place in a never-ending dropdown menu. Now, find your settings in the left-hand sidebar, organized by category, to make updates a breeze. 
  • French Canadian & Spanish iOS app support – While inspection questions are already available in French Canadian and Spanish, we now have full translation support across the entire iOS application.


🍾  And cheers to this month’s new features:


🔥 Proposal Reminders

Maximize your service revenue with our NEW proposal reminder feature, which allows you to automate email reminders on proposals sent to your customers. 

You can customize a number of settings here – such as how often the emails go out, how many days in between the reminders, and the email content. You can also override (or disable) those settings on individual proposals, and track email history for a proposal. 

This gives you ultimate control over what is sent out when, so you can ensure no proposal falls through the cracks while also maintaining a positive experience for your customers.

Click here to learn more about proposal reminders, and how to start using them. (Note, proposal reminders are available only to Gold & Platinum customers.)


🔥 Technician Time Off & Company Holidays

Streamline scheduling with technician time-off and company holidays – so you’ll know at-a-glance when a technician is out, or your company is closed.

By adding or importing technician time-off entries into Inspect Point, you’ll know exactly which technicians are available when, so if a technician is out for a vacation, training, sick day or any other reason, it will appear on your Calendar and Scheduler. Similarly, you can also track when your company is closed. 

Check out our documentation here to learn about company holidays and technician time off entries, which are available for use by all customers!


👀 Technician Teams, Re-Designed Dashboards, and More!

Are you all caught up on our recent product updates? Have you tried out the new “select all” functionality on the Inspections and Invoice listing screens, set-up your technicians’ teams, or viewed our enhanced dashboards? If not, be sure to check out our release notes and learn more about what we released this winter.