It had been three years since the fire protection industry got together at NFPA in San Antonio, TX. A lot has happened since then, and our lives have been severely impacted.

The NFPA Conference and Expo last week in Boston, was a refreshing time to catch up with colleagues and new technologies around the industry. Inspect Point had one of the best shows in our history, connecting with hundreds of fire protection professionals.

Next week The Fire Protection Podcast will be releasing an NFPA recap episode. Stay tuned!!

TOP 5 Highlights from NFPA Expo and Conference

NFPA Link – Digital Access to NFPA codes and standards

Kyle Spencer and the NFPA team have launched a new and innovative way to organize and search codes and standards.

Electric Cars / Lithium-Ion Batteries
Christina Francis and Tesla led the charge with a fantastic display on fire protection for Lithium-Ion battery technology. With Powerwalls and battery storage becoming more mainstream, fire officials need resources on how to fight these fires. General Motors was also in attendance showing off new electric vehicles.

Software companies (Design, Maintain, Optimize)

Fire Sprinkler Podcast
Chris Logan was onsite and conducting interviews all week. His daily VLOGs captured some of the newer technologies from Viking, Reliable, and Victaulic.  

NFPA Technical Vote – Results
• NFPA 25 – Concealed sprinklers(cover removed) to be inspected every five years
• NFPA 25 – “Nonmetallic sprinkler pipe shall not be subjected to incompatible components or materials in contact with the pipe. “

NFPA Recap