Part 2 with Special Guest John Mackey of the Mackey Group

As promised, here is my second part of the NFPA Conference and Expo recap.

I’ll make this short and sweet.

Part 2 continues my discussion with John Mackey, of the Mackey Group LLC, about the NFPA conference and the state of the fire protection industry. 

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Fire Alarm industry and the push for proprietary service
  • AHJ Compliance around the US and where it’s heading
  • Fire Protection industry growth with a looming recession
  • What’s next for John?

Please feel free to reach out with other Podcast topics or issues you are experiencing in the fire protection industry.  I thank you all for listening, and I will be rolling out some new episodes this summer.


Drew Slocum
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer – Inspect Point


0:16 – Fire Alarm Gateways
4:14 – Code Updates
6:58 – Louisiana: From Tags to QR Codes
12:55 – Consolidation in the Industry
17:03 – Success of Fire Protection in 2021
18:50 – A Recession-Proof Industry
20:30 – Final Thoughts on NFPA Boston
23:41 – Upcoming Shows|
25:30 – Closing Thoughts