A Conversational Webinar

Innovation is key to keeping relevant within the fire protection world.  The cycle of new product development along the side of the NFPA code is a balancing act that manufacturers must endure.  New products are vital to keeping designers, installers and end-users engaged.

In this webinar, Drew wanted to highlight some new Viking products that, in his opinion, are innovative and forward-thinking.  Understanding the Voice of the Customer is how new products become successful and transform an industry.

To that end, Inspect Point Co-founder and host of The Fire Protection Podcast, Drew Slocum, talked with Jim Dooley, Business Development Manager for Viking. They talked about new highlights from a variety of different new products, including:

  • VXR Dry Pipe Valve
  • The Future of Fluorine-free foam
  • Antifreeze ITM techniques
  • Viking Digital Tools