In late June, our Product Team – led by Katie Doyle and Griffin Malcolm (pictured below), had the opportunity to shadow an electric fire pump inspection conducted by North East Fire Protection Systems, Inc.


Service Manager Chris Owens and Technician Grady Beck led the way. North East completed the inspection in the field using Inspect Point; the recently-installed Clarke fire pump successfully flowed 1850 gallons per minute, and no deficiencies were found.


North East has been using Inspect Point since 2015, completing diesel and electric fire pump and fire hydrant inspections from Day 1.

A Pump Party


Inspect Point offers complete electric and diesel fire pump inspections, with questions coming directly from NFPA 20. These questions are neatly organized into sections on the report, so you and your AHJs can review them with a breeze. Our fire pump graphs display key figures like manufactured ratings, 5% degradation, and prior performance. By comparing the pump to these ratings, it’s easy to determine whether work needs to be done or if the pump is in compliance.



Not into graphs? We display all your tested measurements in a handy table as well.


Hydrant Hysteria


Similarly to fire pumps, all of our fire hydrant questions come from NFPA 25, so you know you’re collecting the right information during each inspection. Key fields like static and residual pressure, pitot readings, and total flow are all captured with Inspect Point.



Design Criteria Made Easy

Inspect Point also offers a custom-made form for design-build criteria tests. Record property information, static and flow hydrant readings, and view fire hydrant curves all in one report. Best of all, our handy Calculate button will take care of the Flow (GPM) for you so you can do it more quickly. 


To learn more about our electric & diesel fire pump, fire hydrant, and design-build criteria capabilities, schedule a free demo today!