Digital Tools for Fire Pumps with Travis Montembault

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have confidence that your fire safety system will operate effectively in the event of an emergency? With IoT, 24/7 access to alerts, and continuous reporting of all pieces of system data would allow you to always be the first to know what’s happening at the facilities you manage.

If there were an emergency, you would know within seconds of it happening.  You’d immediately have the information you need to make quick decisions. You’d know your pumps’ data flow and conditions so your emergency response would be as effective as possible. With access to real-time and historical data, you can proactively address equipment issues and diagnose before going to the facility or dispatching service personnel.

Those are just some of what digital tools bring to the sometimes complicated realm of fire pumps.  Ready for more? Watch and listen below.

And, if you want to dive deeper into digital tools for fire pumps and want to see how it works, you can join Travis Montembault and Drew for a Webinar on Wednesday, December 7th, at 1:00 PM ET. There the gentlemen will further demystify the world of smart fire pumps, and Travis will demo FireConnect.   You can Register here.



Episode Notes:

 0:05 –   Drew’s Intro
0:30  –  Who is Peerless?
1:20  –  The #1 Fire Pump City is NYC
1:30  –   What is Travis’s Background?
2:20  –  The Digital Transformation
3:15   –  Fire Protection World lags in Digitalization
5:05 –   When you Need a Fire Pump, you Really Need a Fire Pump
5:40  –  Code Cycles
6:01 –   Smart Systems in a Home vs. for Fire Pumps
7:02  – Lots of Data Collected
7:07 –  Data Can Now Come to You
8:00 – Things Changed Post-COVID
8:20 –  Testing Frequency & Staffing
9: 15 –  What Fire Pump? We Don’t Have a Fire Pump.
10:30  –  Visibility = Better Protection
11:10 –  NFPA25 Section Re-Write
11:48 –  Perks to NFPA25 Re-Write With Remote Monitoring
12:30 –  Remote Testing?
13:15 –  Constant Flow of Data
14:10 –  Can See What Happens in the System in between Inspections
14:20  – Digitization vs.  Digitalization
15:30 –  Saves Manhours
17:36 –  Will Always Need Technicians
19:43 – Hardware vs. Software
21:08 – 80 to 100 Points of Data
23:00 – How Does it All Work?
23:40 – How Do You Avoid Hacking?
26:26 –  Biggest Adopters So Far
28:56 –  Who Should Get This? Building Owners or ITM Contractors?
31:30 –   Efficiency of Knowing What the System Needs Before Going to It
32:00 –  Various Costs
40:30 –  The Steps of the Digital Revolution in Fire Pumps
41:01  –  The System Calls a Tech to Come to Fix It
42:30 –  Want to Know More?
43: 03 – Join Us For a Webinar on 12/7
43: 31  –  Functionality During a Live Incident
44:20 –  Can Know if Fire is Contained
45: 04 – Can Alert Fire Brigade
46: 27 – It’s All About Safety