Two years ago, in 2020, the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) held its annual meeting in Kissimmee, FL, and a lot has happened in the last 24 months! Fo many of us, it was the last fire protection event we were at before the pandemic shut most of the world down.
Happily, the FSSA held its 40th annual forum in Bonita Springs, FL, at the end of February, 2022! The Fire Suppression Systems Association provides tremendous resources for companies in the special hazard business. Clean agents, water mist, fire-fighting foam systems, CO2, & specialty detection are key focus points. Training modules and ITM-focused documents can be accessed through membership.

If your business is in this niche part of the industry, you should be a member. Also, if you are trying to expand your business into these avenues, it’s a great way to diversify your fire protection offering.

The Fire Protection Podcast was live at the event, getting some candid interviews with key association members. Check out Lee Kaiser (Orr Protection), Jarret Ryan (Protegis) & Todd Stevens (Industrial Fire Protection) sit down with Drew Slocum to discuss the impact of FSSA on their careers and the industry.


0:01 – Intro
2:38 – Lee Kaiser Introduction
4:08 – Lee’s FSSA Experience
5:45 – Training for Specialty Suppression
7:02 – Dealing With Special Hazards
10:40 – Lee’s Top-3 Issues in Fire Protection
15:21 – Jarret Ryan’s Introduction
16:25 – Protegis’ Sales Methodology
18:30 – Protegis’ History With FSSA
23:29 – Jarret’s Initiatives for Protegis
25:10 – Todd Stevens’ Introduction
25:58 – The Global Outreach Initiative
29:01 – Todd’s Experience as President During COVID
32:38 – Outro


Jarret Ryan
Lee Kaiser
Drew Slocum
Todd Stevens