The Inspect Point tagging system is an optional tool that our customers love taking advantage of. It is also, like everything, completely accessible to everyone who uses Inspect Point.

The tagging system is made easy in how it combines the workings of a common search tactic used by most people everyday through search engines or social media sites by searching key words.

Tags are used to easily locate and bring up either a building or an inspection within the software – think a hashtag!  Cutting down the time to shift through your presumably large amount of contracts on file.

Creating the tag can be done at the creation of either the inspection or building by simply typing in whatever you want the tag to be named into the ‘Tags’ box found in the picture below.  Moving forward if you wanted to add a tag to an already existing building/inspection, you would just have to go to edit and add in a tag the same way you did when creating one originally.

In this case to find the tag just set, you would have to come to the ‘Buildings’ tab, where you will find a search bar where you can ‘Filter by tag’! Alternatively, if you had set a tag on an Inspection, you would repeat the process, but this time by going into the Inspections tab and finding the same search bar located at the top.

To get the most out of this, companies will use a wide range of strategies depending on what fits them the best. Strategies like tagging buildings by location as a zone, or tagging inspections with the technician that completes the inspection.  After all, the beauty of the tagging system is that it’s a free-form field and with that, companies have the ability to make it work for them however they’d like!

If you are one of our valued customers and haven’t tried messing around with tag’s yet, get with some of your colleagues and try it out! If you are just curious to see how it all works, a member of our team could guide you through a live demo of the feature over the computer as well as any other Inspect Point feature you are interested in. So, please feel free to request a demo!