The restaurant industry has been one of the toughest hit over the last 6 months. Fire suppression and the distributors / contractors that service them have also been affected. Jamie Knowles of Amerex Corporation is one of the leaders in the suppression industry focusing on the restaurant sector.

In this episode, Jamie gives some extraordinary facts about how Americans eat and what the impacts of the pandemic did to the prepared food industry.

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Intro (4:15)
Data about COVID times (6:55)
Faster Food vs Dining (9:50)
City vs Suburb vs Rural (14:20)
Ghost Kitchens (15:30)
NFPA and Food Trucks (21:30)
More Ghost Kitchens (24:40)
Electronic Detection Fire Suppression (27:55)
Internet of Things (32:15)
Industrial Chemical / Paint Booths (38:00)
Gas Station / Pemall Exit (42:20)
NAFED / How are the Fire Equipment Distributors doing? (45:10)
Incentives for techs (47:50)
Quick Response Round (50:40)
Contact Info (54:50)

Discussed in this Episode:

About Amerex Corporation

Beginning in 1971, Amerex Corporation has grown to become the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of hand portable and wheeled extinguishers for commercial and industrial applications. With the introduction of state-of the-art gas detection systems along with pre-engineered fire suppression systems for vehicles, commercial cooking operations and paint spray booths, Amerex has earned a reputation for excellence in the fire protection industry. view website

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