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Payments Made Easy

Can an integrated payments platform really transform our collections efforts? The simple answer is yes.

Integrated Payments = Improved Workflows

Streamline collection efforts while improving the customer experience

Boost Collections Efforts

With digital payments your customers can easily pay with a credit-card, debit card, or ACH from the click of a button. An integrated payments solution can also help boost cash flow with features like next day funding, saved payments on file, invoice reminders, and back-office charging.

Track Statuses To Completion

With an integrated workflow Inspect Point users can manage and track a job from start to finish all within one platform. Even better – you can integrate with an accounting platform like QuickBooks to ensure that statuses are sync across both platforms without the hassle of double entry.

Enhanced Customer Experience

An improved workflow helps you spend less time on manual tasks and more time better serving your customers but there’s more to our integrated payments. Your team can quickly and easily convert deficiencies to proposals to invoices and deliver via email or through the Customer Portal with the click of a button.

From Inspection to Collection

Streamlining the Journey: Effortlessly Transitioning from Inspection to Collection with Precision and Efficiency

Integrated Payments

Benefits to Your Business

Accept Digital Payments

Accept credit card, debit card, and ACH payments online.


 Inspect Point Payments are secure, PCI-compliant, and safeguards your customers’ confidential data.

Card on File

Allow customers to securely save payment information on file for recurring charges or for us on service work.

Next Day Funding

Improve cash flow with next day funding for credit card, debit card, and ACH transactions.

Back-Office Payments

Back-office personnel can quickly and securely process payments over the phone.

Down Payments

Create customized down payment requirements by dollar amount or percentage for install, service, or inspection work.

Upgrade with Inspect Point Payments

Get started today with an integrated best-in-class digital payments solution.

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