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Enhanced Fleet Expense Management

Coast is the ultra-secure fuel and fleet card that helps you control, monitor, and manage your fleet and business expenses.

Precise yet flexible control over employee spend

Coast offers advanced, flexible spending management features with highly personalized controls that allow admins to set limits based on time, frequency, amount, and more. Plus, it’s quick and easy to enable or disable non-fuel charges, giving your team flexibility when it’s needed.

Consistent rebates and rewards

With Coast, your business gets 2¢ per gallon rebate on gas (regardless of gas station brand) and 1% cash back on non-fuel purchases, putting money in your pocket as you run your business.

Accounting & telematics integrations

Coast easily integrates into telematics and fleet management software to give your fire protection company more control over fuel spending. Integrations with accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online make reporting and reconciliation a breeze and save your finance team time and headaches.

From Inspection to Collection

Streamlining the Journey: Effortlessly Transitioning from Inspection to Collection with Precision and Efficiency

Integrating With Coast

Benefits to Your Business

Make your fleet operations more productive than ever before with accurate data, flexible reporting, and powerful integrations with all your tools.

Increase your operational efficiency

With Coast, you can manage fuel spend and driver expenses from a single platform, saving time and simplifying the expense management process. Real-time transaction data gives you instant visibility into driver spend, and integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks Online allow you to close your books faster than ever.

Best-in-class protection against fraud and misuse

Coast empowers your business to limit and track employee expenses on and off the road. These controls can be customized down to the individual employee, to the vehicle, or to departments, teams, and even specific jobs. Limits include restricting fuel transactions to daily, weekly, and monthly maximums, time of day limits, transaction amount and frequency limits, and much more.

Reduce wasteful spending and monitor fuel efficiency with telematics integrations

Using telematics data, Coast fuel card automatically blocks fuel transactions made away from the vehicle, which could indicate that someone is filling up a personal vehicle instead of the company truck. Plus, Coast automatically collects Telematics odometer readings at every transaction, making it easy to calculate MPG and identify vehicle maintenance or driver behavior issues.

Conveniently use Coast anywhere Visa is accepted

Unlike many other fuel cards, Coast can be used anywhere that accepts Visa, so your team can focus on finding the cheapest, most convenient station no matter where they’re working.

Efficiency First: Inspect Point & Coast!

Streamline your workflows and discover the power of combining Coast + Inspect Point.

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Coast FAQ

Your Questions Answered: Coast Fuel & Feel Cards

How does Coast’s expense management system work?

You can use Coast’s simple online dashboard to choose what types of purchases employees can make and set limits and restrictions on expense location, time or frequency, merchant or amount. These controls can be switched on or off as needed and tailored to suit your company’s specific needs.

What types of expenses can I use a Coast card for?

It’s totally customizable! You can choose to limit purchases to fuel only, or allow purchases for specific categories of merchants or even at specific stores. If a driver needs to make an emergency transaction outside of policy settings, administrators can easily approve one-time purchases via text message.

Is a personal guarantee required?

Unlike some fuel cards, Coast does not require a personal guarantee, which means business owners carry no personal liability.

How do I sign up for Coast?

You can apply online through Coast’s website. The application takes just about minutes. Because it is a credit application, applicants need to provide information about the business (including EIN) and the business owner or officer. No hard credit check will be performed.