New Year, New Fire Alarm Devices for Your Home

The New Year is here! We are hoping that everyone made it safely into 2019 after all of the cooking and baking, fires in the wood stove and fireplaces, and testing out the kids’ new electric toys. That’s a cause for celebration if I’ve ever heard one! And what better way to celebrate fire safety than by checking out some of the latest and greatest innovations in fire alarm devices for your home. 

You might be asking yourself, “Is there really anything new with fire alarm devices?”

Well, you might be surprised at just how much change there really is!


NYC fire truck on the road responding to a fire alarm


Interconnected Fire Alarm Devices for Peace of Mind

Let’s keep things simple to start with. Here we will cover new fire alarm devices from names you might have heard before in the field.

First of all, new homes are now required to have interconnected smoke alarm systems. If you don’t know what an interconnected system does, it just means that all of your alarms are linked together. If one goes off, they all go off. If smoke is triggering devices to sound off in one part of your home, you want to know this if you are in another part of the house, too. This alert sounds before a fire becomes a problem requiring assistance from your local fire department. 

But you might be thinking, “That sounds like a rewiring job to me.” Well, it doesn’t have to be with this fire alarm system. New, interconnected fire alarm systems from Kidde and First Alert will take care of this for you. 

Kidde Battery Operated Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarm RF-SM-DC

The Kidde RF-SM-DC uses wireless radio-frequencies to keep all of your alarms connected. You could even keep one in a separate garage or shed.

No need to call an electrician, it’s as simple a device as you could want. It’s battery operated and twists into a ceiling cap just like the alarms you’re used to. It also has a “smart touch” button so you can easily silence it if it goes off when you’re cooking.

It’s a great device if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use in fire detection technology. But maybe you want something a little more advanced?


Battery-Operated Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice and Location from First Alert

First Alert is stepping up the battery-operated fire alarm system game with this one! Not only is this device user-friendly, and simple to install, but it has more advanced technology than your average smoke detector.

This battery operated unit is a dual sensor, using both photoelectric sensors and electrochemical sensors to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide in your home. It’s easy to install, and completely wireless.

But what makes this model really cool is that it actually tells you where the fire is coming from when it goes off! A programmable voice alerts you of the type of location of the threat inside your home so that you can quickly get yourself into action.


Smart Fire Alarm Devices for the Techie 

Now maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “This all seems pretty standard to me. What is technologically when it comes to fire alarm devices?”

Well, that means it’s time to bring out the big guns!

Let’s talk about smart fire alarm devices that connect not only to all of the smoke detectors in your home, but also connect to your smartphone through the Internet of Things (IoT).


Onelink Safe & Sound Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Check out this smoke detection system from First Alert, called Safe & Sound. This is also a two in one smoke and carbon monoxide detection unit, but the real difference here is that it’s connected to your smartphone.

When the Safe & Sound detects fire or gas, it will send an alert straight to your smartphone. This alert lets you know what the threat is, and what location in your home it is coming from. Sounds a lot like the last First Alert device we talked about, right?

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this fire alarm device!

Because this is basically an all-around entertainment system in addition to being a smoke detector. Safe & Sound uses a speaker to alert you of threats, but also has built-in Alexa Voice Services. So in addition to being an excellent choice for fire protection, it also allows you to listen to music, news, and audio books. You can even control all of your home’s smart devices with the Safe & Sound. And, who doesn’t love the clever name that tells you exactly what it does?

It’s also important to note that the unit connects to your smartphone through an app that will allow you to test and silence your devices. No more running around the house and swinging doors open and shut just to get rid of an alarm set off by some questionable cooking skills. You can even get alerts to your phone when you aren’t home, so you always know what’s going on.

Check out this video from First Alert to see just how easy Safe & Sound is to install (no electrician necessary!) and all of the other great features it has to offer.



One last smoke detector we would like to mention is the Nest unit. This is one of the most advanced systems on the market today, and it is incredibly impressive.

Just like the First Alert smart system, the Nest is a dual sensor alarm that links to your smartphone. It uses speakers and a friendly voice to alert you of where and what kind of threat you’re facing. However, one aspect of this unit that many people really like is that it’s not just about fire protection, but also about fire prevention.

This is a device that will give you an early warning signal. For instance, it detects your spouse’s questionable toast-making abilities before it turns into a bigger problem. Its advanced detection system can sense both fast-burning and slow-smoldering fires. And with special humidity sensors, you’ll never set it off with steam from a long shower, either.



Fires are wonderful in these colder months, but tend to them and consider a new fire alarm system for your home


The Nest is also a smart device that connects to your phone, plays music and other audio, and even tests itself regularly so you don’t have to. It’s LED indicator lets you know that it has been tested and the battery is working, and even lights your way when you walk under them at night. (Who doesn’t like a strategically placed night light?)

Nest has some of the best customer ratings as well, so give it a look if you’re looking to upgrade your fire alarm devices this year!

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Fire Protection Systems of the Future

Sometimes your smartphone might seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but you have to admit, these smart fire alarm systems are pretty cool. Fire safety and prevention is one of the most important parts of owning a home, so make sure you have the best technology to keep your home and your family safe.