In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, it can be difficult to find a software solution that meets all your needs. That’s especially true of fire protection businesses with complex workflows and widespread operations. More and more companies find themselves stretched thin on multiple platforms, paying redundant fees, and struggling to execute manual updates or understand confusing integration workflows. Does your business have to enter the same information over and over, in paper forms and different software platforms? Do you currently track inventory across multiple programs, making it difficult to keep up with? What about visibility? Do you have access to insights on day-to-day operations, sales revenue, and profitability?

Inspect Point wants to help your business solve the multi-platform problem. Our intuitive integration with MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, delivered in partnership with Layer 7 Innovations, eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions while delivering major efficiency gains and helpful data insights. Seamlessly connect your existing ERP and CRM with Inspect Point’s innovative inspection, reporting, and compliance tools. Get real-time status updates and always know what’s going on with your technicians and your customers. When your tools work together, you–and your customers–benefit.

Seamless Data Flow and Unified Customer Experience

Integrating MS Dynamics 365 with Inspect Point creates a seamless data flow between Inspect Point’s fire protection solution and Microsoft’s ERP and CRM tools. The integration syncs critical information such as customer details and material lists; automates key processes, including job creation and scheduling, quoting and invoicing, and more; and provides office teams with access to up-to-date customer data. Your systems will work together, creating efficiency and eliminating the need for manual data entry and redundant updates.

Inventory, Job Costing & Project Management

Inspect Point’s innovative fire protection software, combined with Microsoft’s robust supply chain management technology, is powerful. Fire protection companies using this integration can easily manage inventory and automate purchase order processes in MS Dynamics 365, while using Inspect Point to schedule, dispatch, and complete jobs. In addition, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central’s project management and job costing solution allows businesses to stay on top of big projects – and ensure big profit margins – on large jobs like sprinkler or alarm installations.

Inspect Point’s innovative fire protection software, combined with Microsoft’s robust supply chain management technology, is powerful.

Real-Time Business Insights & Analytics

The flow of key data points from Inspect Point into MS Dynamics enables businesses to:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of their operations and profitability;
  • Customize dashboards, intuitive reports, and robust analytical tools;
  • And easily track KPIs, optimize resource allocation, identify trends, and elevate data-driven decision-making.

Inspect Point helps your business optimize the tools you’re already using, while streamlining your operations in the field and at the office.

About MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP software that handles finance, sales, service, customer, and data needs. Read more about it on Microsoft’s website.

About Layer 7 Innovations

Layer 7 Innovations is a software company based in Toronto, Canada, with extensive Microsoft experience and an innovative approach, utilizing AI and IoT technologies. Learn more here.



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