In this episode, Drew interviews Zach Pierce of Pierce Fire Protection about what Inspect Point has done for his family business. Pierce Fire Protection more than doubled their service sales in thirteen months. They did this without raising prices, or increasing the labor rate at all. Inspect Point allowed them to offer more services, do more work, and get invoices out the door more quickly. With speeding up the cycle from inspection to invoicing, any deficiencies are fixed sooner and that’s a win for everyone.


Introductions (:12)
Who is Pierce Fire Protection?  (:45)
AFSA Trade Show and Inspect Point (1:11)
Who is Zach Pierce? (2:21)
Dad Was a Sprinkler Fitter (3:22)
From a Sprinkler Fitting Company to a Full Service Provider (3:40)
A New Recurring ITM Revenue Model (4:19)
Good Structure for Staying Organized (4:48)
The Inspection Drives Everything Else (5:20)
Inspect Point Transformed Pierce Fire Protection’s Business Model (5:27)
From 2-3 Techs Only Doing Tests to Everything in Fire Protection  (6:04)
As Fast as You can Cycle Through the Cycle from Inspection Through Invoicing – the Better Your Revenue Will Be (11:10)
Runs Itself Other Than Doing the Inspections! (7:22)
Easy To Trace and Track Everything (7:35)
What do Techs Think of Inspect Point? (7:55)
Techs Don’t Even Have to Come into the Office! (8:43)
Automation and Other New Features in Inspect Point (9:18)
Proposals & Work Orders Were a Game Changer (9:33)
In 13 Months, Service Sales More Than Doubled (9:43)
Inspect Point Acts like a CRM (11:27)
Has Pierce’s Entire Sales Funnel (11:40)
Customer Portal as a Marketing Tool (12:31)
Can Manage All Your Building’s Fire Related Issues (13:36)
Amerex Partnership & QR Code (15:02)
Wrap It Up (15:45)
Fall Preview (16:17)


Discussed in this Episode: NFPA Research Foundation, NFPA Codes and Standards, Inspection Data Collection, Fire Fighting, Emerging Technology in Fire Protection, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance, Fire Pump Performance, Analytics, Fair Data Practices